Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Disney Day 1- our resort!

I am finally getting the first part of the pictures from our trip organized so I can at least do a couple of updates!  We had an amazing time at Disneyworld and I can't wait to share it all.  

The day after Christmas we got up early and drove to the airport.  Part of me has to admit here that it was a bit overwhelming trying to do Christmas and pack for a Disney vacation all at once.  The week before I was a hot mess trying to get everything accomplished. It took a lot more planning, and I made sure all the gifts were purchased and wrapped in early December, so that the last few days I could focus on packing, but still enjoy Christmas.  It was a tough balance.
When we got to the airport, as they were boarding the plane, they made everyone get off (thank goodness we hadn't gotten on yet!) and told us our plane was delayed 2 hours due to high air traffic in Florida!  Not a good sign that that many planes were flying into FL!
Getting ready to step on the plane!
Ideally, we would visit Disney during January or November, when it's less crowded and cool.  But with our jobs being in education, we don't get breaks at those times.  So it was either now or summer, and last time we did summer I said I'd never do it again.  It was WAY too hot.  This time the weather was absolutely perfect, and the parks were decorated beautifully for Christmas and I'm glad we did it once, but I'd never go at Christmas again either.  WAY too crowded!  And I despise crowds.
Silly Andrew on the plane pretending to sleep!
The kids did really well.  They were entertained with their iPads mostly the whole time.  It was a short flight, which helped.
Andrew wanted to sit by Ga Ga
I sat by my girl across from Ga Ga and Andrew, and Papa and Craig sat right behind us.
Sweet girl finally fell asleep for about 30 minutes, right before we landed.
We made it to our resort!  Since our plane was delayed we got there a few hours later than we had planned.  So we just decided to explore our resort for a while after we checked in.  We stayed at Art of Animation and we enjoyed it.  It was very kid themed and they loved it.  Andrew kept saying "this is the best hotel we've ever been to, right mom?"  
They had different themed sections with statues and play areas having to do with the themes.  Andrew loved the Lion King, and Cars the best. 
This was a play area near our room.
Kerigan wouldn't stand by King Triton- ha!  We stayed in the Ariel section.  It was the farthest away from the buses, and the main building (where the quick service was) but Kerigan loved it!  And we did have our own pool area so we didn't have to walk to the main pool.  The other down side I would say are that the rooms are very small.  But we aren't in our room that much so it worked out fine.
They were immitating the fish- ha!
Andrew got really into this!  The kids loved the drawing boards they had set up outside.
After exploring our resort, we headed over to where Ga Ga and Papa were staying.  They stayed at the All Star Movie resort.  They didn't book until after we did, so rooms at our hotel were sold out!  But we made it work!  The kids loved their hotel too- this part was themed like Toy Story- Andy's room.
I am actually regretting not staying here when we brought Andrew when he was 3.  He would have gone nuts over this stuff!

He was obsessed with Toy Story when he was little.  I never knew this resort was there!  It was really neat.

They loved the little race car
Kerigan liked Bo Peep!
They also had a Dalmations section that was really cute!
We had dinner with Ga Ga and Papa at their resort and then headed back to get ready for bed.
This girl had to wear curlies after her bath since we had a big day at Magic Kingdom the next day!

Magic Kingdom- coming up!

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