Tuesday, August 18, 2015

balloons & horses

Ok so my last post was titled "summer wrap up."  As long ago as that was, this should almost be titled "fall wrap up!"  But we're just getting started!
This is the LAST summer post!!!  It was the end of summer, so that almost counts for fall, right??  We always like to try to attend the balloon classic and hadn't been there for a few years.  It was a gorgeous evening, not too hot.  We took the kids to see all the balloons and the night extravaganza!
They rode this little train.  I think about how Andrew used to love trains so much and just went crazy over them.  
He's almost getting too big now, but I love that he still wants to ride!
The bouncy houses are always a hit!  They could do this all night!  They loved having races and seeing who got to the bottom first.
I have to point out the hot air balloons on her ruffle sleeves and pockets. :)  She fit right in!
Andrew insisted on doing this fighting game... he was so excited (yes they sanitized the head gear- I was freaking out a little!)
My little man creamed the poor kid he fought with!  I think they went at it about 4-5 times and Andrew knocked him down every time!  All those Taekwondo lessons are paying off!  Ha!
Just a couple of sweet kids... after the bouncys we headed back to the balloon field to have a picnic dinner and watch the balloons come in.
Watching the balloons with Ga Ga!  We loved having Ga Ga and Papa join us!
My two main men!  Love them so much!
Love my sweet family
This is blurry but I love the balloons!  It was so neat how they all glowed- everyone would count and they would light them at the same time.
They let us walk right down by them and the kids just loved it!
What a perfect night!  It was so nice out I could have stayed all night!  Getting out of the parking lot took over an hour... but we won't talk about that!  
So on to end of summer event number two... horse camp!
Andrew went to bible/horse camp for a week in the mornings with some of his buddies from church.  Kerigan and I went on the last day to take pictures with the church camera and she loved helping!  We didn't expect she would get to ride a horse, but she sure did! 
Just hanging out by the fence waiting to ride!
Andrew loved this sweet little pony, Pooh.  He liked to pick him to ride most of the week.  He was just his size!
Then he gave Kerigan a turn!  She was IN LOVE.
Is she not the sweetest thing??  She was so happy!
She can't wait till she's old enough for horse camp!
She wanted to take Pooh home!
When they switched groups so the other kids could ride, they let the other group paint the horses!  It was SO COOL!  I had never seen anything like that!  The kids just went crazy over it.
This sweet pony is named Merry Legs!  I thought that was the cutest name!  Andrew loved riding her too, but this day she was sitting it out because she hurt her leg. :(  So they just painted her instead!  Ha!
Isn't this amazing!?
Kerigan and her friend Avery!
When can I get a horse mama?  That will be the next question!  Can't wait til next summer!

I think it's finally time to move on to back to school and fall!  One of my favorite times of the year!
More to come soon... much sooner than the last time I hope!

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