Friday, August 28, 2015

back to school

How can it be possible another school year is under our belts?  I think this is my new favorite picture of these sweet kids.  They were so, so excited for back to school night.  Somehow we managed to make it work to get to both of their classes, even though they are in different schools right now and I also had back to school night in my classroom!  Whew!
This lady made it possible!  Thanks Ga Ga!
Super excited to find their names on the door!
And their amazing teachers!  This is Kerigan's 2nd year with Mrs. Ricken in preschool and she is just the best.  We are so lucky both our kids have had awesome preschool teachers for 2 years!
Andrew's teacher is new this year- it's her first year.  And she really is this fun!  Andrew has loved her class.  She has jumped right in and is doing an awesome job!  It can't be easy having a kid of another teacher in your school for your first year, but I promised I wouldn't bug her too much!  Ha!  She's just so sweet and we all love her!
We finished the night with ice cream sundaes at Kerigan's school.  They were so happy!
On our way home we had to stop by and see daddy at work at his first event in the new roundhouse.  Daddy had a huge part of organizing and planning this remodel of the high school gym.  It looks amazing!
Standing on the new indoor track.  Daddy's all moved in to his brand new office!  He's got a pretty sweet deal now!  It's nice to have the gym open now so this year we can go visit more often!
When daddy got home and it was bedtime, Kerigan opened her little booklet from her teacher.
She got to sprinkle this magic dust under her pillow to make her sleep great and be ready for her first day of preschool!  Can you tell she was super excited?
She was just amazed that this was going to help her go to sleep!  Ha!  And we had to do headband curls for pretty morning hair!
And wouldn't you know it- the next day was raining!  It didn't make for the easiest back to school pictures, but I took this while standing right next to her under the awning and made it work.  Even with a smudgy sign and rain this preschooler couldn't have been more adorable!
She found her cubby right away!
And she sat right down with her sweet friends and got right to work!
We haven't made a final decision on if this will be her last year of preschool or not.  She's done 2 years but if she starts Kindergarten next year she'll be the youngest in her class since she has a summer birthday.  We think she's ready... I'm just not sure I'm ready!  We have a lot to think about this year!
After school when the rain had stopped mommy fixed the sign and we did some more pictures!

This was last year...
I cannot get over how much she's changed in just a year!  We only trimmed her hair once this year and I love how long it's getting!

Now onto my little man...
I mean my big, bad 3rd grader!
He told me he didn't want to wear this shirt because he's NOT bad!  Ha ha!
And the truth is he couldn't be more right.  He is just the sweetest and best little man!  His teachers always report what a model student he is and I couldn't be more proud of him.  He is very much a "rule" follower at school.
Even though this is what it's like trying to take his picture at home!  Ha!
He couldn't be more precious and I just love being at school with him! 
We had to get our picture together on the front step!  I am the luckiest mom to have my son at school (and soon my daughter!) and to have him be such a sweet boy and good student it just makes me want to burst with pride.

And years past just for fun...

And just like that... another school year is underway!

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