Thursday, September 3, 2015

life lately

So this post should actually be called "life way back in September," but we're going to go ahead with the catchier one!
My girl's first day of tumbling.  To say she loves it would be an understatement.  She would do tumbling every night of the week.  She is always doing cartwheels and somersaults all over the house.  I'm almost scared to admit but I think she likes it even more than dance.  Gasp.  
But look at those long dancer legs, people!  Seriously?  My girl just has to be a dancer.  So for now, we are doing both and she's loving having a busy after school calendar.
This little man on the other hand.  Let's just say he's a "stay at home" kid.  If it were up to him, he would leave school the second the bell rings, race home and chill out in cozy pj's the whole night and never leave.  We had a bit of a meltdown earlier in the year and I realized I did agree with him that he was too busy.
So I let him stop an activity and he picked Taekwondo.  I was SO SAD.   But I saw no sense in making him continue if he hated going each week.  The truth was, since moving up to the bigger kid class, it was much tougher, much more serious and he just wasn't having fun with it anymore.  So he is doing swimming lessons weekly and both kids do Awana at our church.  I wanted Andrew also to pick an activity that lasts 6 weeks each semester, so he chose basketball this fall.  He is also doing piano lessons.  But we'll see how long that lasts because I can't get him to practice and I don't think he's enjoying it because he wants to know how to play NOW, and not have to learn the basics!  Ha!
So this girl doesn't get much chill time, but she takes advantage of the days she does- Ha!
One of her favorite things is to play on this window seat and line up her stuffed animals and princesses.  And Belle the cat. 
And when the mood strikes him, this little man loves to write.  One night the ideas were just flowing and he wanted to take his little notebook to bed and write before bed with his light on.  It was so sweet.  He's doing amazing at school and we're so proud of his accomplishments.
Over Labor Day we had a fun weekend enjoying the weather with friends!
Because who doesn't love to ride bicycles through a sprinkler in the driveway?
This girl's favorite thing to do right now (besides tumbling!) is riding her bike.  She loves to go up and down the sidewalk in our neighborhood and she knows who's driveway to turn around in.  She would do this for hours.  And of course she always has to give baby a ride!
The week before Labor Day Papa and Ga Ga were at the lake cleaning the boat and Papa slipped and had a bad accident, hurting his leg.  Ga Ga had to hold him out of the water and call 911 and it is a miracle that Papa is still with us!  God was looking out for him.  This was all over the paper and news and Ga Ga was called a hero, which we already knew!
The kids had been very concerned about him so one afternoon after school we surprised them and brought dinner and cookies and went for a visit.  This girl was practicing her selfies in the car!
Ga Ga and Papa were so surprised and happy we came!
So happy to have Papa up and around and feeling better!
Then for the Iowa vs. Iowa State game we went over to Craig's brother's house and the kids had a blast with their cousins.  Even though they cheer for opposite teams they are still best buddies!  And yes, Andrew is a year older than Jayden.  Ha!
Kerigan and her special Aunt Rachel!
The kids got to have a sleepover and Andrew thought it was the best thing in the world.  In case you couldn't tell.
Since school is back in swing, Kerigan enjoys still getting to go to Ashley's the 2 days a week she's not at preschool.  As always, Ashley has them doing so many fun things!  One day they took a field trip to visit a bee keeper!  I loved the bee hat she had on!  Ha!
Soccer day!
Bike safety!

And probably their favorite was going to see a musical at a FANCY theater!  They got to dress fancy and have a fancy lunch!
How precious are these sweet friends!
All the kids outside the theater!
Her fancy lunch at Hickory Park- one of our favorite places!  Yum!
We are so blessed to have such awesome people and teachers that spend their days with our kids!  We couldn't ask for anything more!

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