Saturday, October 17, 2015

pumpkin patch

A fall family tradition for us is heading to the pumpkin patch!
Obligatory picture in front of the sign.
It seems every year this favorite little orchard of ours adds something new.  Like this little coffee shop being the first thing we saw when we walked in the entrance.  So our first stop:  coffee
These two pretty much look forward to this day every year and cannot wait to get here!
A little family pic
We usually end the day with cider donuts, but when daddy was getting coffee we snuck over and grabbed a pack of these puppies!  We were there at breakfast time... so why not?
This also is the first year they've added the Pumpkin Princess.  Kerigan was just in awe.  I feel like they have a princess for everything nowadays!
We were meeting our friends in a little while and my friend Angie hates the corn pool!  Ha!  So it made sense for us to go there first because there was no way my kids would let us skip this one!
They LOVE it!

And really, who wouldn't enjoy jumping in a giant bin of corn?  Never mind that Craig informed me he did this as a kid and that mice are all over it in the evenings (and who knows maybe during the day too).
That was enough for me to stay OUT of the corn this year- ha!  But I couldn't steal the joy for them!
I realize I have more pictures of her here... but honestly I couldn't get Andrew to be still for a second for me to take his picture!  And my jumping pictures were turning out blurry so I just gave up!
Showing off her new mittens.  She's obsessed.  And I'm obsessed with Zulily.  But I digress.
After the corn pool we headed to more activities and passed this new spider web on the way.  Andrew had to read the rules.  Because he's just a rule follower like that.
This thing looks pretty basic- but it was really fun!
Getting comfy in the web!
And then... one of the most favorite orchard activities... the jumping pillow!
This thing improves every year too.  They added another one this year- but Andrew was an inch too short for it.  #hewasnothappy.  But he still loved the old one.
All jumped out!
Perfect timing for these sweet friends to show up!  And believe me or don't, but Angie and I did not plan ahead and buy these dresses for the girls to match.  Sometimes we do.  But not this time.  When they showed up we had to chuckle.  #greatminds.
And I just pretty much wanted to stop right there and snuggle this sweet little Frankenstein the rest of the day!
But instead.  We had super slide races!  I just love all of their faces in this picture!
This is Andrew making sure they both knew that he won.  Ha!
My sweet kids... heading up for another ride!
This time daddy joined the fun!
I lost count how many times they went down!
Of course we had to do a little photo shoot
I could not love them more.  They are my whole world!
We couldn't get Piper to smile in the pictures and Andrew grabbed her and goes "Well I can fix that problem!"  And he did.  The girls all love Andrew!
Then he took her on the jumping pillow...
She escaped!
This picture cracks me up.  Do you see Kerigan lost in the maze?
Then Andrew came to her rescue and look at that smile now!
They added these jumping horses a couple of years ago.  None of the kids could stay on them!  They kept falling, but I'm pretty sure they were still having fun!
We caught the Pumpkin Princess again!
Then we had lunch.  And she is eating the best applesauce on the planet right there.  I seriously look forward to it every.single.year.
Then we saw this cow.  And Andrew said "I'm not standing by that!"
After lunch we headed down to see all the animals.
On the way we had to rope a steer
Craig gets very into this... ha!  And Kerigan's face?  Yeah this is what it's really like most of the time!  I had to show you they aren't as perfect as all their pictures show all the time!  They are super sweet and loving but every once in a while... this happens.  Ha!
This was the first year Kerigan would get near the goats, let alone feed them.  She was totally into it!
They always love the little pig houses...
And the troll bridge.  Andrew was the troll.  Ha!
They added the 3 bears house this year!  Payton's like "Where's Goldilocks?!"
No Goldilocks but we found Alice!  For the record, Angie hates Alice in Wonderland too.  Ha!  I'm pretty sure Payton had no clue who Alice was!
We love Alice in Wonderland at our house!  Even Andrew- ha!
Ringing the school house bell!
They love going in the one room school
And we never leave without a stop for carmel apples and more cider donuts!  And maybe a cider slushie... just whatever we feel like.  This place has the best fall food and we can't help but indulge!
We were laughing so hard at Craig because he ordered a panini and this is what he got!  In case you can't tell it is so small!  I think he was expecting it to be this big, huge sandwich!  So I guess not ALL the food is the best- HA!  He said it was good, he just wished he had like 6 more pieces of it!  We could not stop laughing.
Quick pic on the way out!
Waiting for daddy to get the car.  And I just had to post a few from years past...
This was our very first year- 2009
(Apparently I wasn't diligent in getting the sign in every picture!)
2012- no sign at all!  I think this was a tough year of getting them both to sit and smile and look at the camera... I remember those days!  Ha!
But seriously?  Look at her!!!  Oh my baby.

And last year with friends!  So much fun and many, many years of pumpkin patches!
And this is how much fun she had.  This was about 2 minutes after we left!
Until next year!

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