Monday, October 26, 2015

night eyes

We have a tradition of going to the zoo for Night Eyes.  It's the first time we get our costumes out for the season, make sure everything fits, we have all the pieces, etc.  This year Kerigan was Dorothy and Andrew was Hiro (from Big Hero 6).
Last year we brought Andrew's friend from school so we asked him to go again this year.  The boys were so excited!  And they found this giant rhino first thing out the door.  I have no clue if he's from a movie or what, but the boys thought he was cool!
We follow the path and they have characters, treats and activities for the kids along the way.  First stop- Emerald City!
I'm pretty sure she couldn't be any sweeter.
Somewhere over the rainbow...
Sweet little Dorothy
One of her best friends Annika was Dorothy too!  Kerigan is blessed with some of the best friends at the age of four.  I am so happy she has formed these sweet friendships and I pray they continue her whole life!
Ding dong the witch is dead!
Attempt at a family picture... one not looking and one making faces.  Such is life.

Gavin and Andrew
We always have to ride the train!
They are just as precious as they look!
Three friends
We laughed and laughed at Craig because somehow he knew he was going to end up holding Gavin's minecraft head.  He kept saying all night "I'm not holding that thing" and first thing Gavin wanted to run and do he hands it to Craig and says "Can you hold this?"  Hahahaha.
In an egg
Clifford was there!
A crew of pirates...
They have most of the animals out- I loved this picture of Andrew pretending to be scared of the lion!  Ha!

Just chillin.  And knocking the Pac Man ghosts off the hay stacks!  Ha!
He ran around behind this to make it look like he was in the alien ship and it cracked us all up!
But not funnier than Craig getting right in there for some candy!  Ha!
Love this picture of "teacher" Angie giving the kids all directions before turning them loose in the bouncy house area!  Andrew looks scared!  Ha!
They had a blast!
They had some more characters...
I cannot get Andrew into Star Wars for some reason.  He likes the characters and the new BB8 robot is on his Christmas list.  But he won't watch the movies.  I think he thinks they will be scary.  I keep telling him I think he'll love them!  We'll have to see what Christmas brings...
This thing was so weird!  But he loved it!
Our crew... minus Parker.  He was snuggled in his car seat.  It was such a fun night!
On our way home we stopped at Jethros for some BBQ!  Yum!
Girls table and boys table!
Andrew and I got to snuggle this little man and we were loving it!  Andrew even got a smile out of him!  I don't know how many times Andrew has told me he wishes Parker was our baby.  Ha!

Up next... trick or treat!

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