Wednesday, December 23, 2015

sing-a-long with santa

I think I broke a record... I just posted yesterday and I'm posting again today!  It's my attempt to catch up before Andrew's birthday.  I'm sure it won't get to be a habit!  But I can dream!  Ha!  (And for those confused by the dates, I'm back dating everything to keep things in order.  The beauty of getting behind... the blog lets me pretend I blogged at the correct time!)
Kerigan has had a couple of Christmas performances for school so I thought I'd put them in the same update!  Disclaimer:  I feel like mostly this season has been about Kerigan's activities, and it's true I suppose.  Andrew had some basketball games and special ceremonies coming up in a later post... so for now, my girl is the one who wins for most Christmas-related activities.  All related to dance and her preschool, which is why they don't involve Andrew.
The Monday evening before Christmas was her preschool concert and she rocked it!
She is not shy on stage!
The Reindeer Pokey was one of her favorite songs she said!

You can tell she was definitely having fun!

She has made so many sweet little friends in preschool.  I'm just so proud of her!
Annika and Lily have been her best friends since she started day care when we moved here when she was 2!  She's so blessed by these friendships (and I'm blessed by the friendships I have with their mommies!)
Always a picture with daddy!
Santa again!  Maybe you've noticed the Santas are usually the same!  Hmmmm.... I told the kids he must be the REAL Santa because he's always the one at all their events!
She wrapped this sweet little gift for us and wrote our names.  I'm so impressed with her writing!  We're still debating Kindergarten next year... but I'd say academically she's ready!
Andrew... he's just impossible sometimes!  Ha!
Ga Ga and Papa!  Can you tell this girl adores these two people?
Then on the first day of break, Ashley had all the kids come to her new day care center (yes, she's opening a new center and preschool next year!) for a little concert.
The kids all sang for us, and the families gave Ashley a little gift!

The kids met Santa (yes, again!)
I'm telling you, this guy gets around!
I'm so proud of my 2 special kids!
These are all the kids and siblings of the kids Ashley watches.  I say this all the time but Kerigan has just been blessed with day care since she was born!  It's hard to find quality child care.  We were so sad to leave our center when we moved here, and then we found Ashley last minute when I was about to give up.  She has been the biggest blessing I could have ever imagined.  Being a former preschool teacher- she has been perfect and has taught our girl SO much!  We are so happy for her that she's opening a new center and preschool, the Bobcat Academy!  They are having a transitional preschool for young 5 year olds, which is what Kerigan will be in July.  We are strongly considering sending her here in the fall for one more year of FUN with Ashley!  School is so rigorous these days.  I know she's ready to conquer it.  But there's just a part of me that wants to keep her my baby for one more year!

Maybe I'll ask Santa for some clarity...

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