Monday, April 18, 2016

eggcellent easter

We have made it a tradition to make "bunny bait" to set out for the Easter Bunny!  We always have to leave the day before Easter so we need to make sure he makes it to our house!
 The kids woke up on Saturday (the Easter Bunny has to come a day early since we go to Grandma's) to a scavenger hunt from the EB!
They found their bunny bait all gone and a note with their first clue!
They love taking turns opening the clues!
He took them up and down and up and down the stairs with about 12 clues!  They had a blast!
They love scavenger hunts and Santa and EB have figured this out!   It was so sweet, after Easter was over, we still had the eggs and the kids kept making scavenger hunts with clues for each other and Craig and I!  It was so cute- Andrew was really good at writing the clues and hiding them in the right order!
The final clue told them to check their favorite place to take a bath, which is our jet tub!
They each get one basket with some goodies for summer, pajamas, and a couple of toys they had been wanting.
These were their most wanted items!
After the whirlwind morning, we got dressed and ready to head to Grandma's!
Every year we spend Easter with Craig's parents.  Grandma always has eggs ready for us to color when we get there!
This girl loves her Grandma so much!

Andrew's shirt needs no words. Ha!
The kids all love having their cousins around to play with!
And I got talked into playing cards, which I normally hate!  Ha!  This is something Craig's family has always done and I usually never join in!  But this night the kids were snuggled in with a movie and I have to admit it was fun!  You can tell from Craig's face his level of shock- Ha!  My sister in law snap chatted this because she was shocked too! (P.S. that is not my beer!  Ha!)
We had to take a couple of pictures before church the next morning, it was freezing outside!  These are all but 3 of the grandchildren!
Kerigan had been crying here in case you couldn't tell- ha!  She was mad because I made her take her coat off to try to get a picture outside!  
Cousins are the best!
Sweet girl at her daddy's church where he grew up.
Craig's parents always set up an egg hunt for the kids and they love finding them after church.
This year it was super cold and windy, Easter was early this year and it just didn't feel very much like spring!  But we tried to make the best of it!  Easter's not about the weather anyway, right?
They had fun despite the cold!
They always love to come inside and check out their stash!  Candy and money!
We had delicious Easter brunch!
And Kerigan got her first hard boiled egg experience!  She was fascinated.  Evelyn was showing her how to peel in and cut it and then she wanted to do it.  Even though she didn't really eat it!
After Easter lunch, we always head home and stop through at Ga Ga and Papa's!  They always fix a yummy dinner and have special Easter baskets for the kids.
Excited boy!
She loves her Ga Ga too!
Just a couple more pictures from our frozen photo shoot!  These two are my world.

I hope you and your family had a blessed Easter!  He is Risen!

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