Friday, April 29, 2016

piano, tumbling & baseball...oh my!

It has been a super busy start to spring around here!  The kids are involved in a lot of activities and our calendar is full!  But we wouldn't want it any other way!
Andrew started piano lessons this year.  He has done a great job and his teacher says he has natural musical ability!
I was so bummed when he wanted to quit Tae kwon do.  I think he is just still trying to find his niche.  He doesn't enjoy practicing piano, and I'm not sure how long he will want to keep doing it.  But we are having to encourage him a lot to find an activity he enjoys.
He says he enjoys piano, but he wants to know how to play really hard songs now!  He's tired of the basics, but I keep telling him he has to learn those first!  Ha!
Kerigan was excited to go to his piano recital!  She wants to do everything her brother does.
My little man playing his songs!
This is Andrew's music teacher from school.  He also teaches piano and he is a super fun teacher!
These are all the students he teaches.  Most of them go to Andrew's school too.  It's so fun for him to participate in things with his friends. #ladiesman
Ga Ga and Papa brought him Mixels!  He was so happy.

Then my girl did an amazing job in the State Tumbling Meet a couple weeks ago and qualified for Nationals!!
She was so excited to win a trophy!
Getting ready to do her pass
She got 3rd in her flight, and 10th overall.  When I saw her come out with this "3" I was freaking out!  She did so good and I was so proud of her!
I couldn't believe she placed 3rd.  They got a medal for their flight and then a trophy for placing in the top 15 for nationals.
I could not have been more proud and excited for her.
To be right up there with all these girls and she's only 4, and has just started tumbling this year, she is amazing.  Nationals are in Tennessee this year and we are so excited to take a family vacation there to watch our girl compete in June!
These two girls are in her class and both qualified for nationals too.  So proud of our girls!
We're going to Nationals!!
Last time she competed and didn't get a trophy she was still happy but asked if she could stand on "top" next time so she could get one.  So when she saw a trophy sitting there on her step, she was thrilled.
The state competiton was close to Ga Ga's house so we stayed there the night before.  After she competed we went back for a little party!
We grilled out and Ga Ga got her this sweet little cake.

Proud big brother!
She was so funny she kept saying "sing happy birthday to me!" and so we sang "happy tumbling to you" instead!  Ha!
Andrew has started baseball and had several games.  He's doing so well too!  It's fun having the kids go to each other's activities and supporting each other.  Kerigan loves going to Andrew's games.
My little man up to bat!

It has just been beautiful weather and only one game has been rained out so far.
Why does he look like a teenager to me??
My mom found this sweet picture of him when he first played baseball when he was 4!  Could he be any cuter??
I love this so much!
We've made it a tradition to go to Culvers after his games because a magician is there every Wednesday night!  He is so fun and he knows my kids by name now!  Ha!  They look forward to this so much!  He does awesome tricks at our table and makes the kids balloon animals.  It's a fun way to end our baseball evenings!

Only 15 more days of school... but who's counting!?

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