Monday, April 3, 2017

downtown disney {goofy's kitchen}

After a day at the parks we were more than ready to say hello to the pool at the Paradise Pier Hotel.
The kids had the best time in the California sunshine!
We absolutely loved our hotel!  The tropical theme and beautiful view of California Adventure Park was enough for us!  We loved all the fun Disney touches that always make it worth staying on property.
The kids got the best surprise when Ga Ga and Papa showed up!  They didn't even care the kids were soaking wet from the pool!  Hugs all around! #bestgrandparentsever
We showered and got ready for a night at Downtown Disney!
First stop... Goofy's Kitchen!  Because you can never get enough of dining with characters!
And what's better that a kiddie sized buffet?!
They loved all the kid friendly choices and getting to dish up their own stuff!
PB&J pizza for the win!  And the Smores pizza behind it was pretty darn good, too!
Pluto is always a favorite!
He spent a lot of time with us and was extra fun!
Can't get enough of these smiles!
I love how they always want to include everyone, even the grandparents!
Papa and Dale!
Minnie was so cute in her cupcake dress!
When you discover you have the same shoes as Minnie #awesome
Then they turn the music up super loud and everyone swings their napkins around and dance with the characters!
I realize these pictures are all similar, but the joy on her face is worth posting all three.
This right here.  Another reason we love Disney.
And ice cream.  #allyoucaneat
We all had the most fun dinner ever!
Ready to stroll Downtown Disney!
We can't get by this store without stopping.
Do you think I could talk her into a princess bear?  Hello?  We were at Disney!  She wasn't having it.  So a tie dyed bunny for the win.
Meanwhile, Daddy and Papa took this guy to build a car right next door!  They had a great time and didn't take any pictures.  Of course!
But I can never resist taking a photo of this guy in the gift shops.  I think we have crazy pictures of Craig in gift shops on all of our trips!  Ha!
I did talk her into a princess dress for her bunny!  Don't you love the boys photo bomb in the background?
We headed back to our hotel just in time to show Ga Ga and Papa the World of Color show from our window!  Once again, it was a perfect Disney day.

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