Sunday, April 9, 2017

legoland california!

Early the next morning we checked out of our Disney hotel and headed to.....

We were so excited to spend the day at Legoland!
Andrew loves the Lego Batman movie so he was excited for this!
Even after Disney, the kids were not burnt out from rides yet!  Ha!

We headed over to ride the Dragon roller coaster
We love roller coasters!
Heading up with my boy!
It was so fun we rode it twice!
This was a pretty basic ride, but she had fun!  Andrew was actually too tall for this one, which he was not disappointed about- Ha!
This ride was super high- she was not phased.
We had fun noticing all the neat things made of Legos as we walked around

This guy was outside the pizza place where we ate lunch!  Ha!

We still love meeting characters!  Even at Legoland!

Then we went on this cute little boat ride through storybook land all made of Legos!

It was so fun!
The next few pictures are scenes from that little boat ride

This was so funny!  There was a troll in the water!
This Jack and the Beanstalk was so cool!

After that we made our way over to the Lego Friends area!

Of course we had to do a little shopping!
And ride a carousel!
Then they had this fun little course where the kids could drive Lego cars! (Check out Andrew behind Kerigan!)
It was like a real road with traffic signals and everything
Then they could earn their driver's license afterward.
After a fun few hours it was time to head out to meet Ga Ga and Papa!
We had this awesome villa that we could have stayed in forever and been happy!  We didn't want to leave so we ordered pizza and the kids put together their Legos from Legoland!
She was so excited to put them together.
That's our patio- and Craig relaxing, ha!
This was our view- that's the ocean in the very far distance!
Best sunset ever
There was a nice walking path and we all went out and took some family pictures, and I took pictures of the kids.

This was the best we could get of all of us- Ha!  
And just so you know, this is what it's usually like trying to take pictures of Andrew!  Ha!
Once in a while in between faces I can snap a decent one!

Andrew was off and running but my little model didn't mind posing for me!
Then after that Ga Ga was the one that was coaxed into an evening swim!
My kids are so lucky to have a grandma that is so hands on and plays with them- even in a cold pool!
But the hot tub helped warm them up!
We just loved this resort and can't wait to go back!

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