Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The cath is a GO!

But look what our boy is having to go through to get better!  I've been so stressed out this week, praying for him to get healthy (and thank you for your prayers, too!).  He just kept having that darn cough and it sounded so cruddy.  He also had a fever again, 24 hours apart on Monday afternoon and Tuesday afternoon.  I talked with Iowa City on Tuesday morning, and they said as long as he stayed fever free the rest of the week and seemed to be doing better, we could plan to come on Thursday and they would check him out.

Then the fever occurred again.  It was only 99.5, but still.  Here we were on this roller coaster of emotions again.  As you know, me the planner was going crazy not knowing if we were going or not.  Between Craig, myself and my mom we've managed to keep him out of day care this week and he was only there 3 days last week (prior to that was our 2 week break).  So somehow, in the 3 days he was back at day care he managed to pick up this crud.

Bless my dear mother, today was her day to stay with him so she took him into our local pediatrician this afternoon, just to get the final go ahead.  The doctor was very thorough and did a chest x-ray because he sounded a "little wheezy," as she put it.  The x-ray came back fine, and no more fever, so she gave him a breathing treatment in her office, which helped him a lot.  So she sent us home with a nebulizer to give him 3 treatments a day until he's doing better.  Not sure how we're going to manage that from the hospital and hotel room tomorrow with no DVD player, but we'll manage!

Poor little guy, he is behaving so well.  My mom said he was perfect at the doctor's office (this is coming from a grandma, but I believe her, because he has been really good for us the past few times too!) :)  I tell you, "Elmo Goes to the Doctor" is the best video on the market! Ha!  It is what truly has made the difference for him.  Before they even have a chance to look down his throat (which used to make him scream), he now opens wide and says "AHHHHHHH" right away, all by himself!  It is so funny.  Even the doctor gets a kick out of him!  He is becoming a pro.  Not sure if that's a good thing that he knows so much already, but it's all he's known, and it'll be a big part of his life so it's good he's already used to it I guess.

My best friend and neighbor, Alissa, had to come over and help us set up the equipment because we had NO CLUE.  Her daughter has used one before so she knew how it worked.  Thank goodness we had her!  Craig and I were funny trying to figure it out.  Andrew sat there like such a good boy, watching his movie as Alissa entertained him.  I'm not sure what we're going to do without her the rest of the times- he loves her so much and even said "I love you!" when she was leaving.  Thanks again, Alissa!

So, the plan is to head to Iowa City in the morning to try to make it for some of Logan's surgery so I can be with my friend Stef.  Then Andrew has pre op appointments in the afternoon.  Ga Ga and Papa will meet us after work and we will all have dinner together and stay in a hotel.  Papa wanted to take Andrew swimming but we'll have to put that off until next time! :(

Friday morning the cath is bright and early.  We'll arrive at 7:00 and they'll take him back by 8:00 I would guess.  We're trusting this is the best decision for Andrew and that the doctors wouldn't do it if they didn't feel he was healthy enough.  With him having been so sick the past couple weeks, I am a little more worried than normal, but I understand this is relatively urgent, and they want to get it done.  We all just kept talking about day care and how he could be sick the next time too, if we had to reschedule it.  At least now he is on the mend and almost over this "bug."

Please keep Andrew in your prayers tomorrow and especially Friday, along with our friends Logan, Jordan and Derrick.  I posted the buttons to all of their blogs on my right sidebar.

I'll be updating next time from Iowa City!  Goodnight!


Renee said...

You are all in our prayers! I wish so badly that I could be in Iowa city with you all too! Sending all our love!

The Carter's said...

We're praying for y'all...especially that Andrew is totally healthy and in the perfect condition for a successful cath.

Big heart hugs and prayers,

Sundie said...

Praying for all of you!I pray all goes well and Andrew shakes off this crud he caught!
Hugs! We're thinking of you guys!

Anonymous said...

Thinking about you and praying for you today. Give that little monkey a hug from Ava :)


Party of Five said...

Good luck tomorrow! I was wondering, do you have one of those portable dvd players? I think I told you about the friends of ours whose son has a brain tumor. Anyway, we got them one to take to the hospital and use on the plane during their many trips to St Jude. It plugs into a normal tv as well so you can use it at the hotel and at home. Let me know. We will be praying for all our little buddies in Iowa City tomorrow...and our bigger buddies! =)

Amanda (Trista's Mom) said...

PRAYERS for all of you!


Olivia said...

Glad to hear Andrew is on the mend. We will be praying!

Good Luck and take care
The Spencersk

susie said...

Oh Jen, my heart just hurts for you. Praying for you guys-

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