Friday, January 15, 2010

Cath Update No. 2- Good news!

We are getting nothing but great news from the cath lab!  She came out about 9:30 and told us that they got right into the left pulmonary artery.  If you've been following us a while, you know that is his trouble spot.  In the past it has taken 4+ hours just to get to it, several times with no success.  When we were here last February, it took them over an hour to get to it, but they succeeded and ballooned it.  So it is a miracle that they got right in.  She said Dr. Divekar is getting ready to balloon it now, and that the area beyond it (which has always been small) has really grown.  She felt that they were able to get to it so easily because it had grown really well.  This is amazing news to us, because basically his whole life all we have been told is that his PA's are not growing.  It's about time!

The hope is that this will help to lower the pressures in his heart and buy him more time before surgery.  We won't know for sure if that is the case yet until they take final measurements, but we are on the cusp of fantastic news!!  Keep the prayers coming.  We appreciate all the messages!  It gives us something to read while we are waiting. :)

Thank you Help A Heart for lunch today and they also sent Andrew a giant Thomas balloon, which is going to make his day.  Thank you, a million times over.  God is hearing our prayers!


Sundie said...

Amazing!!! I'm so happy to hear the great news! Way to go Andrew! Prayers for continued great news! Keep up the great work Andrew!
Hugs and prayers,

Anonymous said...

Awesome news! Hope that it continues to go well. So excited they had a Thomas balloon for him. they're weren't 100% sure what they had so I had to give them a list of Andrew's faves. :) Still praying for you guys...
In HIS Grip,
Emily for her boys

Slush said...

Hope the cath continues to progress well ~ Keep up the great work Andrew!!

Keeping you close in our thoughts and prayers today!
~ The Holdgrafers

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you've heard from the Pita Pit but they're running behind...sorry!!!
Hope to hear more good news soon...
In HIS Grip,
Emily for her boys

Stefenie said...

GREAT news Jen!! I am so happy to hear that they were able to get into his artery. Saying lots of prayers that they can get his pressures to come down. wants to know if you need another coke? :P


Party of Five said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!! Hope he enjoys his balloon!

Ruby's mom said...

Okay so I FINALLY got to your blog! I am so glad hear that Andrew's cath went well! It's nice to have some good news. But I am also wondering about you?!?! Are you being given some time off to be with Andrew? I hope so, because I know if it was me, I would go CRAZY!!! I hope everything is going well. I LOVED the monkey mask, too! It reminded me of the lion mask you wore here at King and marched into Mr. Simmons' office! Have a nice weekend!

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