Saturday, January 23, 2010

Date Night

Friday night my hubby and I got to do something we rarely get to do anymore... have a date night.  An actual get dressed nice, wear make up, and go out kind of date.  For once, not one where I am in my pj bottoms, bare feet and bedhead ready to watch our exploding DVR shows.  Don't get me wrong- we love being comfy and watching our shows together after Andrew goes to bed.  But the truth is, we really need to get out more.  Alone.  It's so good for couples.  After all, we are all better mommies and daddies when our relationship takes priority.  It's part of being good parents.  Anyway, we went out to dinner and saw the Blindside.  A great movie by the way!

My mom kept Andrew overnight.  And can I just tell you how excited Andrew was about this?  When I asked him if he wanted to sleep at Ga Ga's he said "Ga Ga's?  Okay!" and nodded his head with a big smile.  When I drove to meet her and he saw her, he made fists, stiffened his arms and grinned and squealed with pure excitement.  He knew he was going to have fun.  And get spoiled!  Craig and I got to sleep in and go out to breakfast together too.  It was a wonderfully enjoyable time!  We missed our boy.  But we tried not to talk about him the entire time!  Ha!  What did we ever talk about before we had him??

Here is Andrew having a popcorn party with Ga Ga and Papa.  Look at that big bowl!  Ha!

Here he is reading books before bed at Ga Ga's

I'm pretty sure GaGa and Papa spoiled him silly!

So in honor of my hubby, who gets the shaft on this blog (except for the pics I posted of him in his Santa hat and pj's on Christmas morning!) I decided to borrow this idea I saw on another blog and tag a few of my friends, too.  After all, it is fun to learn these things about each other!

Full Name:  Craig David Huegel

How long have we been married?  6 1/2 years...WOW!

How did you meet? 
Whenever we get asked this question we always look at each other and hesitate!  We really need to start keeping track of who's turn it is to tell... I like my version better (more details!), so here goes! :)  I was dating Craig's best friend at the time (nice, I know)... but had just spent about a year and a half single, just out of college and had had too many blind dates to count (and none of them were acceptable I might add!)  I am so glad I never have to go on another blind date again!

Anyway, we were at a party at best friend guy's house when Craig walked in the door.  Honestly, right then and there I knew I was with the wrong guy.  Once we began chatting, and I discovered Craig was a history teacher (just like my dad had been), I was pretty much head over heels.  I always knew someday I would marry a teacher, and it was a BIG bonus that he reminded me so much of my dad (they had many other similarities too!)

Long story short- after that first meeting we fell in love over email (cheesy, I know), but he taught in a smaller town a few hours away from where I lived.  He made up some story about needing to know the website for the school district I taught in.  My favorite email line that really stole my heart...he used to tell me if he was one of my students he'd get in trouble on purpose so he'd have to stay inside with me for recess!  Naughty!  But it won this teacher's heart and the rest is history!

This is how we looked when we first met.  Don't we look so young?!  And nervous!  Ha!  I'm pretty sure I had butterflies when we took this picture!  

Who asked who out first?  This ties into the above question, and of course there's more to the story!  In a round about way, I was able to pay Craig back that night for drinks (he owed my friend $$, and I owed her, so we created the plan!) I paid him back with a check (which is now in our scrapbook- he never cashed it!)  I really wanted to circle my phone number on it, but I figured he was a smart enough guy to figure it out!  The good guy that he is, he waited until I broke things off with his friend (which I did even though I never knew if Craig would ever call me).  One night I was literally lying in bed in my apartment, saying a prayer, asking God to send me a sign (this is not a joke, I swear!), when my roommate walked in saying I had a phone call.  My heart literally jumped out of my chest.  Call it a coincidence?  I call it fate.  

We made plans for our first date... which leads me to the next question! :)

What was your first date?  
Ours was a bit untraditional.  It had to be a date "weekend," since he lived rather far away at the time.  Funny thing was, it seemed like we had always known each other.  We went out to dinner and a movie ("The Family Man") and came home and I remember just lying on the couch with him, no TV on (that would never happen now!  Ha!) and no words spoken, and we both now say that was when we knew we'd be together forever.  That moment.

Who said 'I love you' first?  That would be Craig.  I knew he was waiting for a really special time to say it, but one night he just blurted it out (I knew it was an accident!) so I just pretended to not hear him so he could save it for the upcoming Valentine weekend. :)  Then he said it while slow dancing at a friend's wedding- and I said it back.

How did he propose?  One weekend in May we were in Clear Lake and we went to a movie at the lake theater downtown.  After the movie he suggested we walk down to the lake, which I loved doing.  We walked along the shore and came to a picnic table by the seawall where he had a little picnic all set up (I think my mom had helped him get it ready since we were at the movie!) but he had planned it all out.  Wine, crackers and cheese, and the most beautiful engagement ring I had ever seen. 

This is the bench where he proposed.  This picture was taken a day before our wedding.  We had to go back to the spot where it all began!  Ha!
This is the same spot, right after we got engaged.  It doesn't show the bench but it shows the awesome view!

Who's taller?  Craig.  Even when I'm in heels he's taller, which I love.  He's always been like a big teddy bear to me, and I just have always felt so safe and protected with him.

Who is smarter?  Well, I'd have to say Craig on this one.  He knows every single answer to all the questions on all the game shows.  I swear he could go on Who Wants to Be A Millionare and win us a million bucks- no joke.  He'd definitely be my "phone a friend" if I had to pick one!  He is really into history and knows every date of every war and every event in the past.  It is really quite amazing.  I feel like I could ask him anything and he'd know the answer.  I felt like this about my dad, too, and so I love that about Craig.

Who does the laundry?  Well...if I want to be able to wear my clothes the next day, then I do.  He'll try to be helpful sometimes and switch it to the dryer for me, accidentally shrinking a favorite sweater or something.  So usually he'll just help me fold.

Who pays the bills?  Craig. 

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?  Well, if you are standing and looking at it, I do.  But if we are in bed, it seems like Craig is on my right.  If that makes sense?

Who mows the lawn?  Craig.  I wouldn't even know how to start the mower if I had to! 

Who cooks dinner?  Me.  But "cooks" is a strong word!  More like order pizza or get take out!  Ha!  Really, Craig is rarely home for dinner because of sporting events he has to supervise, so it's usually just me and my little man.  And all he eats is chicken nuggets!  When Craig is home, I try to make a nice dinner and we all sit down at the table.

Who wears the pants?  Well, since Craig will be reading this, I have to admit it is probably me.  Not because he is a pushover.  He definitely speaks his mind, but he doesn't say no to me very often. :)  He can be talked into most anything.  Something else I love about him!  Ha!

What do you like to do together?  Probably the easiest thing for us is just hanging out together and watching our shows.  When we do get the chance to go out together alone, we like to eat out, go to movies and we enjoy traveling.  Our best vacation was our Honeymoon in Maui.  We want to go back someday...maybe our ten year anniversary???

Does he have any hidden talents?  I'd say it is his singing voice.  In high school he and his buddies started a show choir group and he sings beautifully.  I wanted him to sing to me at our wedding, but I understand how much pressure it would have been.  But he really is that good!  He rarely sings anymore, and usually the only time I hear him is in church or when we sing with Andrew!  But I just love his voice.

What do you admire most about him?  His work ethic.  He is such a hard worker and loves his job, despite how demanding it is.  I don't tell him enough how proud of him I am.  Often when I am at his school his colleagues will approach me and tell me how good he is at what he does (he is a high school athletic director).  He is very dedicated and motivated to do a good job and stays committed to Andrew and I as well.  Sometimes he feels like his job and family is a tough balancing act, but he does an awesome job at both.

His best features and qualities?  His sense of humor, his thoughtfulness and generosity.  He is an amazing father and companion.  I love his eyes and he's got great legs! (I know, usually guys say that about girls, but really, I love his legs!) :)

Who has more siblings?  That's an easy one... Craig.  He has 3 brothers and one sister.  I have two half brothers who are much older and never lived with me so I grew up an only child.

Who eats the sweets?  Both of us.  It has become a habit when we watch our shows in the evenings.  Bad!  We need to start dieting but we both have major sweet teeth!

What does he do that surprises you?  He is very thoughtful and likes to surprise me when he can.  Simple things like coming home early or sending me a sweet email when I'm at school.  He is also fun at Christmas because he'll go shopping and be Santa and not tell me what he got (like this year getting Andrew an actual gator like his at school!)  He likes to be secretive and surprise me, but sometimes I take the fun out of things because he calls me a "bloodhound!"  I always have to know everything so it is hard for him to surprise me!  Ha!

Guilty pleasures?  He loves going to football games or any type of sporting events.  He also enjoys golfing- he likes to take me mini golfing. :)

Who is more stubborn?  Well, this is a toughie because we both are, but I suppose I have to admit that I am a little more than him!  Poor Andrew has a double dose of it though!  Ha!

Who is the first to admit they are wrong?  Usually me.  Craig doesn't like admitting he's wrong, but he'd probably say the same about me!
This was our engagement photo.  Look how skinny and tan we looked!  Ha!  I have to remind myself this was pre-kid days!  But we were so happy and in love!

 She knew there was something magical,
something powerful,
something mysterious about him that she couldn't explain.
But it still came as a surprise
when he reached up into the sky,
pulled down the stars,
and made a little heaven right here on earth.

(This was a quote from a card I once gave Craig that I saved in our scrapbook.  I have always loved that saying and it really explains how our love story began!)
So there is a little glimpse into our lives as a couple!  Wasn't that fun?  Now I'm going to tag Stef, Heidi, Susie, Rachel, Shannon and Tracey.  And anyone else I didn't mention that wants to participate, please do!  I want to learn all about how everyone met and fell in love!  And let's give these men of ours some blog stardom!  Ha!


Tracey Snyder said...

Oohhhh....I love learning things like this about people!! Such a happy time. I still have to do the last tag too! Maybe tomorrow night if I have the computer :-)

You are right about the need for couples to get out by themselves!! I think too many couples don't do it enough and maybe why the divorce rate is as high as it is. Jeremy and I try to get out too once in awhile. We also take vacations on our own. I miss the kids like crazy but it's good for them and us! I'm glad you dressed up and enjoyed yourselves!!

Tracey, Jeremy, Riley, Drew and Jordan Snyder

Stefenie said...

YAY!!! I am so glad that you and Craig went out for a date night. You guys definitely need one of those for time to time...of course this is coming from the girl who gets a date night once in a blue moon. LOL!! Hopefully soon our date nights will pick back up.

Thanks for sharing the story on Craig and how the two of you met. It is always so neat to hear other couples stories!!

Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan

Renee said...

Thanks so much for sharing your story! That was so much fun to read, I decided to share our story too! :) So glad you took some time for yourselves. Derek and I try to do that every once in a while. :)


Kari said...

I loved your story of how y'all met! So sweet!

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