Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back to School

Can you tell it's been hectic around here lately?  No updates for a whole week!  Ha!  Last week we officially started back to school.  All 3 of us!  I'm not gonna lie.  It's been a hard adjustment.  We went from sleeping in, snuggling in bed, staying in our jammies all morning, walks to the park, trips to the pool and picnics on the boat... to getting up at the crack of dawn, rushing out the door, being busy all day and hardly ever seeing each other... at least not all 3 of us at the same time.  I miss that.
Did you notice Andrew got new hearing aids?  He picked out blue ones and we love them!  This was Andrew's first day of day care last Monday.  He was pretty excited to see his friends, even though he was NOT happy when we woke him up about 2 hours earlier than he was used to!  Summer spoils us!
His eyes were shut in this picture, but I love his smile!  This is a typical "look" we get a lot!

Why is the year just starting and I already feel like Andrew is all grown up?  Last night I went to an open house at his day care and his teacher there said she couldn't believe how much growth he has shown even since last spring.  

We have noticed it too.  He talks our ears off.  He is always excited to tell us about his day and what he did at school.  He is finally talking in full sentences and you can actually carry on a conversation with him and it is so fun.  His precious little voice just melts our hearts and we love listening to him talk!  It was slow to come, but he's making up for lost time now!  And when he talks, he wants our full attention and wants us to respond to what he's saying.  So we better not be on the phone, or having a conversation with each other, because he'll repeat himself louder and louder until we acknowledge him!  Ha!  (I wonder where he gets this stuff?)
 His preschool teacher emailed me this picture of him working on his first day of school.  So sweet!  She said he sits and listens during group time and has had a fantastic week at school.  I am so proud of him.  (Considering last year when he started day care for the first time he was running around the room yelling and chasing kids during group time!  Ha!)  Last week he brought home the sharing bag and we sent his autograph book from Disneyworld, along with Goofy.
Here he is sharing it in front of the class.  This is what his teacher wrote me in an email about it:  He did great, he was very excited about goofy.  After sharing I let him hold goofy during group and he was very animated with him and singing the songs!  It was very cute!  His teacher is so sweet, she frequently emails me to let me know how he's doing.  I love hearing all about his day and it just makes my day to hear from her!
This picture just makes me laugh. I can just picture what he was doing!  Ha!

I can also cautiously say that he is officially potty trained...finally!  He had two accidents the first day at day care, but after that something clicked and he's been dry all day (not to mention all night too!) ever since.  We are so proud of him.  I just simply cannot believe that my baby is grown up enough to be potty trained and ride the school bus to preschool all by himself.  Where did the time go?
As hard as it is going back to school and getting into the routine again, I am convinced it is the best thing for Andrew.  He just thrives and has grown so much and learned so many new things.  Things I just couldn't give him if I stayed home with him (as much as I would love to!)  The social interaction.  Learning to sit and listen to a story during group time.  Just the basic routine of school.  He needs it.  

And knowing that he's getting it every day makes it just a teensy bit easier to drop him off in the mornings.
This was our official first day of school.  Mommy off to teach her 4th graders and Andrew off to preschool for the first time!
I wish time could just stop for a while so I could enjoy him longer at this age and he wouldn't grow up quite so fast! 

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