Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I think I titled a post a year ago with this same name.  But there really isn't any other word to describe it.  Last weekend marked the last time at the lake for the summer.  Only it wasn't really summer because we had to wear our sweatshirts!
We went up to the lake to take the boat and dock out of the water.  Every year when we do this, I have mixed feelings.  I love summer.  I am a lake girl at heart, always will be.  My best memories of childhood are of growing up at the lake.  I often say that I could write a whole book about my lake memories.  There are too many to mention, but each one is engraved in my mind.  I'll never forget them.  They are such a huge part of me.
I always wanted my child/ren to grow up the same way I did- loving the lake.  Andrew does.  He can't get enough of it.
And it makes me so happy.  Here he is pointing at a ton of ducks we saw!  You can't see them in the picture (they are specks!) but there were about 50 of them!
Andrew had to take one last opportunity to drive the boat in circles and make us dizzy!

I love how this last ride of the season is sort of a "transition" into fall.  The fact that we are wearing sweatshirts on the boat is just a perfect illustration of this.
Because I absolutely love the fall.  I love getting out all the decorations, lighting candles, wearing jean jackets and making pumpkin bread.  I even still secretly love my birthday (which is tomorrow, actually!) even though I hate to think about how old I am!  I still love it.  It's just fun to have a day all about you, ya know?  
Anyway, back to boating!  We pulled the boat up on the trailer and Andrew was fascinated by this.  He watched Daddy and Papa very carefully.
He thought it was pretty cool to "drive" the boat on land, too!  Ha!  This purple colored building is part of the marina at the lake.  It used to be an old camping lodge, which is now a restaurant we love to eat at.  Outside they have a little Tiki Bar by the lake and serve burgers, etc outside in the summer.  They also have delicious breakfast overlooking the lake.  One of my most favorite things to do growing up was to take the boat here for breakfast.  I loved that we could do that instead of drive a car!
Andrew enjoying his boat ride on land!  Ha!
 He wanted to help Papa and daddy park the boat.
We laughed so hard at him doing this.  Directing us right into the water!  Ha!  He held out his hands and motioned for us to come this way!  Just like Daddy and Papa were doing while parking the boat.  What a funny kid!
You can rent waverunners and other things at this Lighthouse by the marina.
I'm not even sure why he was so excited here, but I can say that he has us laughing more than anything else.  He keeps us busy, but it is these moments we treasure!
Tonight when I got home from getting my haircut, Andrew and Daddy had been up to something for my birthday tomorrow.  I walked in the door and Andrew said "Hi Mommy!  Mommy's birthday!"  Then he hugged me so sweet and said "Happy Birthday" over and over.  My heart just melted.  I asked him if he got mommy a present and he goes "yep!"  Craig made me stop asking him for information because he doesn't exactly know how to keep a secret yet!  Ha!  I don't need one thing for my birthday except for this sweet little man, my sweet husband and my family and friends.  I am so blessed!

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