Friday, September 24, 2010

Show us Your Life- Blog Event

Our Love Nest!

Kelly's Korner is hosting Show us Your Life- Master Bedrooms today!  I decided to participate, since I love sharing decorating ideas and I love reading other blogs to get new ideas!  So welcome to our love nest!
I love hanging signs above our doorways.  I do it for most of our rooms.  Above Andrew's door it says "Giggle!"  I just love it!
I am starting with our "old" love nest, from our town home several years ago.  We moved about six years ago, but I have always loved this master bedroom.  It was so roomy, and I even had room for a comfy reading chair (although I don't think I ever sat there to read!)  I would definitely redo these curtains with long ones that go to the floor if we had stayed here.  I loved the room but we couldn't afford to buy curtains at the time so I made them (and no, I didn't sew... I glued!)  Anyway, this was my bedroom set (sheets, comforter, etc) that I had from a while back, before we got married.  I always loved it.  I love to mix-n-match bedding so it came from all different places.  I still have it on our bed during the fall/winter months, but haven't changed it yet so the rest of the pictures show our new bedroom, with our new bedding.
This is mainly what our bed looks like during the summer with just the coverlet.  I don't use our big comforter too often, since it is pretty hot!  When we moved our room got lots smaller, so we don't have room for the chair!  I painted the walls the same color (with color matching!) since I loved our old bedroom so much.  The funny thing was, we spent hours and coats of paint on our old wall doing textured (sand) paint.  It was an awful mess!  I always loved the way it turned out but it took lots of work to get there.  This time I just color matched it and didn't do the texture.  Took half the time and money and looks the same!  Ha!
This is our bed with the comforter on, when I decide to dress it up with pillows!  Which during the week when I'm rushing out the door- never happens!  But I love our "C" and "J" pillows.  My mom knew I wanted them and she wrapped them up for us individually one Christmas.  The look on Craig's face was priceless when he opened his!  Ha!  I don't think he was too thrilled!
This is a view from the doorway.  One of my favorite things about this room is our chandelier.  I picked it out when we moved in, and we took out the ceiling fan.  Now I am somewhat regretting that decision!  Esp in the summer when it's hot!  But I do love the chandelier so much that I just can't care about missing the ceiling fan!  Craig put a dimmer on it and I love the "mood" lighting!  The other thing this picture shows is a glimpse of my other favorite item...our heart rug!  Ha!  Again, Craig is not a huge fan.  But I believe the master bedroom should be cozy, warm and romantic!  When I saw this rug I fell in love with it.  I knew it had to go at the foot of our bed!
This just shows the pattern of our bedding a little closer.  This set doesn't mix and match quite like the other one, but I still think it is rich and cozy and I love it.  
I also love our vaulted ceilings.  We have room darkening shades behind these long curtains and I absolutely love how dark it is in here in the mornings!  I could sleep in forever!  Andrew loves to come in bed with us on weekend mornings, too.  It's one of my favorite things to do...sleep in with my family and cuddle with my boy (Andrew, that is!  Ha!)!  I want to get some wording for above the curtains here- something from uppercase living with a special phrase.  I am waiting for just the right thing.
 This is our dresser we got with our headboard when we got married.  I love the rich color-cherry wood.   I have a small jewelry holder on the right corner that matches- along with my necklace holder that is a little out of control!  Ha!  I think I need something different for sorting jewelry!  Maybe I'll get some ideas on other blogs today!
I also feel a master bedroom should tell your story somehow.  I like to add little touches to the room to remind us of special things.  This vase that the greenery is in was my grandmother's.  I just love it, and it matches our wall color perfectly.  Our wedding photo is framed on the dresser, along with some family photos.  In the back left is a wooden plate we got on our honeymoon in Hawaii.  It is "A Marriage Prayer" in Hawaiian and English.
This is hanging on a wall in our bedroom.  It is my wedding bouquet, which has been freeze dried and arranged with our wedding invitation and some seashells (since we had a beach themed wedding in Clear Lake).  I just love it.
This is one of my very favorite things in our room.  These were very old postcards that my great-grandmother had in an old rickety frame that was falling apart and would have given anyone splinters!  She had cut the cards out by hand and they were crooked and yellowy.  My mom knew how much I loved these pictures, so she gave them to my aunt who owned a frame shop and she framed them for me as our wedding gift.  It is truly one of those gifts that meant so much to me and always will.  It is a family heirloom.  Each card tells the sequence of a couple falling in love.  The first picture says "The Proposal," then "The Trousseau," "The Wedding," "The Honeymoon," "Their new home," and last, a photo of them with a baby, "Their new love."  It just gives me goosebumps.  I love it so much.
I recreated the sequence of photos of us in a frame we got for our wedding.  I have the last 2 photos to add now (I didn't then!) but I need to find just the right frame with 6 photo holders.
I believe it is important to have a cross in our bedroom, and I just love this one.  I love the colors and texture.  It is hanging right by our doorway so we see it every time we go in and out.
Our master bedroom has a walk in closet that I'd like to be a little bigger!  Craig and I have to share it, which is not easy.  I rarely let anyone look in my closet but since it is part of our master I had to include it!  Ha!  We put some clothes in our guest room closet too, since we run out of room in here!
Our bathroom is also next to the closet in our bedroom.  In our town home I made these tall curtains to hang by our sinking bathtub with jets, which we don't have here.  But I improvised and hung them anyway.  I like how they go all the way to the ceiling- it really makes the room look bigger.  We also have a curved shower bar, which makes the shower seem more roomy, too.

So there is a little glimpse into our lives!  I hope you enjoyed the tour and I can't wait to see some other bedrooms!  Thanks for visiting!

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