Wednesday, February 2, 2011

16 weeks and some birthday fun!

Well, for the first time this year we are having a snow day today (all 3 of us!) so I finally have some extra time to get an update together!  Last week Andrew was chosen as the Star of the Week at his daycare.  This was quite appropriate since it was his birthday week also.  One evening after school while daddy was working, Andrew and I had the best time making cupcakes for his daycare.  It is so nice because at school he can't bring home made treats (which is no fun!) so we decided to go all out and bake up a storm for the day care kids!
This is Andrew's day care class.  The poster on the wall on the left was his Star of the Week poster, which we decorated and brought to school.  I just can't say too many times how much we love his daycare.  We are so blessed that he goes to the best daycare in our town!  It is owned by two former teachers, who are sisters.  They hire the best staff and they all just love the kids so much.  You can just tell the moment you walk in the door!
Eating cupcakes with his little friends.  
These were the yummy cupcakes with the cookie in the middle that we made last year, too.  They are a huge hit!  All the kids love the little surprise inside!  We also brought chocolate milk, which the kids loved!
We had so much fun making these together.  Andrew is at such a fun age now and he can help me do things.  He stood on the stool and put all the ingredients in.  Then he helped me stir it and he put the muffin cup liners in the pan while I put the batter in.  He also stuck all the toppers on (that I just made out of toothpicks and Toy Story confetti-so easy and cute!)
~16 weeks~
Like I said, I'll keep posting these as long as I look halfway decent!  Ha!  The way my belly is growing so fast I am nervous to imagine how I'll look a few months from now!  Ha!  I feel like baby is higher this time than with Andrew.  My nausea is finally gone and I am craving all kinds of foods!  Pretty much everything sounds good to me, and I am enjoying that so much (since it was just the opposite a few weeks ago!)  One week from today is our fetal echo in Iowa City, and Andrew's cath.  We are very nervous but trusting God to take care of both our babies.

I just couldn't resist posting this picture.  A sweet little girl in my fourth grade class this year brought this present for Andrew on Monday.  I took it home for him to open and he was beyond thrilled (as you can tell!  Ha!)  He said "Oh wow!  I want chocolate milk!"  It was so funny.  I printed this picture and put it on a thank you note for the little girl and she was so excited.  They just love hearing about Andrew and his adventures.

I realized that I haven't posted as much this year about my class as I did last year.  So I had to share this picture that one of my students drew of me:
Ha!  Is this not the funniest thing ever!?  She really wasn't too far off!  I love that my glasses have that design on the sides (which they really do!) and the attention to detail, like my necklace and earrings.  I just laughed and laughed.  It is so funny to teach every day and see the things the kids come up with.  This was just free drawing time during inside recess!  Too cute.

I realize I am about 2 months late in posting our Christmas card, but I just realized I never posted it and I want it documented!  Ha!
I didn't post it at the time because I hadn't announced we were pregnant yet and I didn't want to do it quite this early.  I wanted it to tell the story of our trip to Disney this year, which was such a memorable time.  I am sure the next month I'll be thinking a lot about these special days we spent together.  And I know after Andrew's surgery and once he recovers, we want to plan another trip back to the Happiest Place on Earth!  Once you go, you'll always feel this pull to return.  There is so much we didn't do (yet our itinerary was so full!) You could go back every single year and never get to everything.  It is just an amazing place.  I can't wait to take both of our children back there someday!

I have a big birthday update that I'm getting ready to post!  It was such a fun and memorable day.  Andrew had the time of his life!  I am still sorting through the pictures but I'll post again soon.  It is also Hearth Month this month, and CHD awareness week is coming up next week!  Craig is part of an interview with a heart dad that my friend, Stef, is sharing on her blog next week!

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