Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The long awaited news...

We are very happy to announce that our precious baby is HEART HEALTHY!!!!!!!  We are so relieved and grateful to our God, who gave us this precious child that was so wanted, and is so loved.  We felt the prayers being sent up for us today.  I felt a peace come over me when I finally got on the table!  The build up was so nerve wracking for me.  Between the drive there and sitting in the waiting room, I had quite a few knots in my stomach!  Dr. Ben told us right away he saw four chambers, and he found the pulmonary artery and showed us the appropriate amount of blood flowing through it.  He saw no holes in any of the chambers, and I just felt like the weight that had been on my chest for so long was being lifted as I lay there.  I have to say that it felt very surreal to hear that our baby's heart was "normal," because we have never heard those words before.  It was very new to us, and it was one of the best feelings in the world.
I must admit I had to blur out my belly here because trust me, it isn't something anyone wants to see!  Ha!  But of course I wanted to document this special moment.  Andrew was thrilled to see "his baby" swimming around inside mommy.  I don't think he could believe what he was seeing!
He was very tender towards me and was giving the baby some love!  He sat on daddy's lap most of the time and just stared.  Baby was in the wrong position to determine the gender (little stinker!) but Andrew is now convinced he wants a "brudder!"  Every time we ask him now that is the answer we get.  I guess we'll have to wait longer to find out!  Our big 20 week ultrasound is coming up in early March so hopefully baby will let us find out then!

Andrew and daddy were filmed today when Andrew got his labs drawn.  They are making a commerical for the hospital for first time parents on what to expect before a cath.  I suppose they asked us to do it since we are "cath pros!"  Ha!  I seriously have lost count as to how many times he's been in the cath lab.  I was nervous about the filming because normally Andrew freaks out and screams when she approaches him with the needle.  It was almost like he knew he was on camera today, and he was very serious and acted perfectly.  He sat on daddy's lap and the child life specialist distracted him with a book and toys and he didn't even notice the needle going in!  I was completely amazed.  Our little boy is growing up and is no longer a baby. :(  He was such a big boy- we were so proud of him!
We've been having so much fun since we found out our great news!  Ga Ga and Papa met us afterwards and we went out for dinner together and checked into our hotel.  Andrew hardly ate he was so excited to go swimming!
He practically jumped in the pool, not caring if we were with him or not!  He used his Buzz kickboard and just kicked those legs like a pro!
The 100 ft. waterslide was his favorite part.  He wanted to go again and again and again (and he did!)
Andrew has the best daddy there is, because Craig just kept going with him over and over and acting like it was the most fun thing he could be doing.  He said he is totally sore and super tired tonight!  Ha!  He got a workout!
Since Andrew can't eat after midnight, and he didn't eat much dinner, Ga Ga spoiled him and went next door to IHOP to get him a smiley face pancake.  He was thrilled!  He loves the yogurt and bananas that come with it too.  He just gobbled it!  We've been trying to get as much food in him as possible because we know he'll be hungry in the morning!
What an amazing day- we are praising God for the wonderful news, we are still in awe.  Please keep the prayers coming for Andrew's cath in the morning.  Thank you for the wonderful support, emails, and messages here and on facebook.  We love you all!

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