Thursday, February 10, 2011

Doing Better...

Sorry for not updating earlier- we've been a little busy trying to occupy one irritated four year old!  Andrew came out of the cath lab very angry and upset.  It took over an hour to calm him down.  He was pretty mad that his arm was strapped to a board and wrapped tightly to cover his IV, not to mention they were holding him down to keep his leg straight.  Basically he wants out of bed, and wants to go home right now (actually he wanted to go home the second he woke up!)  The cath went very smoothly and he was out of there by 9:30.

Dr. Divekar says if he didn't have the stents hindering the growth of his pulmonary arteries, Andrew would not even need to have this surgery; however, he says he is totally out of options at this point, and he needs Dr. Davis to provide him with more options as to what he can do to help Andrew's situation.  He is 100% confident that this surgery will benefit Andrew (which is different information than the surgeon gave us- he had me very concerned!) but Dr. Divekar is very confident and was very happy with how well Andrew is doing compared to when he first saw him 3 years ago.  It sounds likely that Andrew will need more stents once this surgery is over, but he was still confident that it would help him tremendously.

Right now the blood flow into Andrew's lungs is 90/10 - which means only 10 percent goes into one lung.  Back when he had his lung profusion scan, there was at least 30% going to one lung, so that situation has gotten worse.  My mom asked him how it is possible that Andrew can have so much energy and be so active with only 10 percent of his blood giving his lung oxygen, and Dr. D replied very simply, "well, you can live with only one lung!"  Ha!  We just love him and how positive he is.  He instantly made me feel better and calmer going into this surgery.

My little man has about another hour before he can move (can you believe he's been in bed ALL DAY!???)  He's been fascinated by peeing in a tupperware jar and sitting up to eat a pancake in bed.  He just gobbled his lunch and has been very thirsty and hungry, which is a good sign.  The child life people (God bless them!) came and brought him some new trains to play with and that made him very happy.  He's watching E.T. and getting a kick out of the fact that his finger lights up like E.T.  (with the pulse ox on).

I can't thank everyone enough for all the support, prayers, emails and messages sent our way.  It means more to us than you can possibly know.

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