Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July- Part 1

We had such a special 4th of July this year!  I have yet to miss a 4th of July at the lake, and I hope it always stays that way!  I can't imagine being anywhere else.  There's something about being in a "lake town" over the 4th, it just adds extra spirit to the already festive mood!
The night before we headed to the lake, we spent the night with my mom so we could just get up and leave early.  Andrew enjoyed some swimming in my mom's neighborhood pool before we grilled out.  He is so funny in the water- he has learned a new thing...
Doesn't he look like he's directing traffic or something?  Ha!  This is him getting ready to jump in the pool to my mom.  But he keeps telling her to move back farther!  I'm not sure if he doesn't realize he needs her to catch him since he can't touch bottom, but I don't think he cares!  Ha! (I posted a short video at the end of this post of him "directing" at the pool).
The lake was beautiful.  It wasn't too choppy and the sun was under so it wasn't as hot as it could have been.  The first thing we did when we arrived is take a boat ride!  This is one of my favorite views from the boat- City Beach.  It is where all the action is!  The carnival sets up here overlooking the water by the seawall (where Craig and I got engaged!)
Out littler boater!

Andrew enjoys the boat so much, and I love it.  This summer we are having more trouble with him on the boat because he wants to drive all the time, and doesn't watch where he's going!  Ha!  And over the 4th, the lake is so busy, there are boats everywhere!  He is constantly wanting to move around the boat and test out all the seats!  He never sits still so it is hard to go fast, but then he gets mad when we slow down!  Ha! 
Ga Ga and Papa dropped us off at the dock downtown so we could walk up to the carnival.  It was wristband day, which means unlimited rides for this little man for 5 hours straight!  Ha!
He loved this alligator roller coaster.  I lost count how many times he rode it!
The funny thing this year was, I am 38 weeks pregnant, so obviously no rides for me (it was enough for me to truck along with the camera in the heat taking pictures!)  I think at least 5 people asked me when I was due!  The problem was, Andrew was pretty much not interested in the kiddie rides anymore (how did that happen??) so daddy ended up having to get a wrist band too!  Ha!
Craig was such a trooper.  He went on all the rides with Andrew, over and over again.  I just kept thinking how lucky I am to have picked out such a good daddy for my kids.  And such a fun daddy too!
I couldn't get over it when Andrew said he wanted to ride the Tilt-a-whirl.  Um... what??  Yeah, my baby went on the Tilt-a-whirl.  I couldn't believe it.  And he loved it and wanted to ride again right away!

We took a little break for lunch at one of our favorite lake restaurants!
Andrew loved the spaghetti!
And we all enjoyed the best pizza ever! (And none other than canadian bacon/ favorite!)  Craig even let me choose the kind since, you know, I'm pregnant and all!
After lunch it was more rides... Andrew discovered they had a super slide, and he just went crazy.  I think they went on this at least 10 times!  Once they got to the bottom, they just got right back in line again!
He enjoyed the Merry Go Round, too!

I couldn't believe this... Andrew also wanted to ride the ferris wheel!  I couldn't get his picture because they were enclosed in the little cart (no objection by me!) but you can see Craig waving in the picture!  Andrew was all excited because he saw the lake and boats from the top!

We avoided the long Tilt-a-whirl line again by convincing him to go on the Dizzy Dragons instead (the kiddie version of the Tilt-a-whirl!)  He loved it because of the dragon theme!
Of course he and daddy had to ride the Bumper Cars- this is always Craig's favorite ride.  Can't you tell how much fun he's having!?
After a great day at the carnival, we headed back to the hotel and went swimming.  Andrew loves jumping in the water now!
My cousins met us at the hotel to go swimming with us, which Andrew just thought was the best thing ever!  I was trying to get them all to jump at the same time... no success!  Ha!
Andrew just loved playing with the kids in the pool.

I had to post this picture, even though Andrew was being a stinker and not smiling!  Ha!  Look at my huge belly!  Do you think I'm about to pop?  Ha!  I sure feel like it!
After we all took showers, the kids cuddled up on the bed and watched a movie!  I love how Andrew is "in charge" of the equipment!  Ha!
Andrew helped Papa make popcorn, too.  Another favorite tradition!  He loves holding the bag as the popcorn comes flying out.

We had a great first day at the lake!  I'll post about the 4th soon.  I need to get all caught up on updates before next Tuesday...only 5 more days as a family of THREE!!!

*Here is the video of Andrew swimming at my mom's (we were laughing at him in the background because he was so.stinkin.funny!)*

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