Friday, November 4, 2011

new toy

Wow!  Look what mommy and daddy got me!
Well, actually it's a big brother hand me down, but she doesn't know the difference!  And she loves it!
She has just started reaching her little hands out to touch and play with the toys.
She can't quite get herself to spin around yet though!  Her little legs aren't quite long enough!  Ha!
Oh well, I know it will be soon, because she is growing like a weed!  She loves looking at herself in this little mirror.  She giggles and talks to herself, it is so funny!
She's pretty intent looking at this stuff!  I think she was just so thrilled to have something new to look at!
And yes, Andrew has already been in it!  Ha!  For some reason, her toys are more interesting to him than his own!
Exhibit A.  (Oh, and he's acting like a baby too).
And most of the time he likes to tease her by doing things like this!  She doesn't need her hood up in the house Andrew!  Ha!  (don't you love how she doesn't seem phased by it?)
She still gets her fair share of time with her toys though!  She loves her bumbo and even though she's not teething yet (I don't think!) she loves to put things in her mouth so I gave her this teething ring! 
It seems like wherever Kerigan is, Andrew has to be too!  She doesn't usually mind.  Unless he decides to poke her or squeeze her or yank on her arm!  She is pretty tolerant of all his antics!  I'm thinking she's going to be pretty laid back with all this practice having Andrew as a brother!  Ha!  Although sometimes he feels tender towards her and he'll come up and kiss her and whisper "I love you" in her ear.  Those are precious moments.
Seriously mom?
Daddy has been pretty busy at school events at night (the life of an athletic director!) so we were super happy this night when daddy came home early and surprised us!  I took this quick with my phone so I could remember the moment.  Andrew is getting to the age where he misses daddy more and more and always asks about him.  Tonight when I was taking him up to bed he asked where daddy was and I told him he was at work (this is a usual conversation around our house!)  Then he tells me... "mommy, I want you to go to work and daddy stay home with me!"  Haha!  I tickled him to death for that one!  He thought it was soooo funny!  The sad part is, soon it will be happening (me going to work, but unfortunately daddy still will be working too!)  Ah the joys of day care.
We live for the weekends when daddy is home!  Lately Andrew has been really into playing games.  Craig is the game player in our family (his whole side of the family is too!)  I have never really been into games, and it is so cute because Andrew always asks daddy to play games with him (like he knows daddy is the one to ask!)  
I never gave him enough credit- he really does understand how to play (Craig tells me anyway!)  Craig is good at explaining to him how to play and making sure he doesn't "cheat!"  I am the one who played Connect 4 with him and let him make designs with the checkers!  Ha! 
Totally random picture but I love it.  Ga Ga was over one night when Craig was at school late and she read a story to the kids before we put Andrew to bed.  I just love having my mom live close enough to come over and hang out with me so I don't have to be alone almost every evening!  She helps feed the kids, plays with them, gives Andrew a bath and helps me put them down.  Yes, I'm spoiled.  But in my defense, most husbands are home at 5:00 every night!  Ha!
This was my pretty girl and me before church last Sunday.
This is my new favorite picture of her.  She got quite a few compliments at church I must say!  Don't think she could get much cuter!
And of course brother had to jump in the picture with a mouth full of cheez its!  Ha!  I just love these kids so much!  Dreading leaving them next week to go back to work.  But I'm so grateful for the time I've gotten to spend with them.  They are the greatest joys in my life! (First on my list of things to be thankful for... is it November already??)

And yes, the Christmas decorations are up! 

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