Monday, October 31, 2011

halloween {blast from the past}

Halloween is always a busy holiday for us but it is one of my favorites!  I love that trick or treat is on two different nights- one in our neighborhood and the other at my mom's.  I love dressing up the kids, and getting to see friends and family that we haven't seen in a while.  It is one of those times you can just walk up to their doorstop unannounced and say "trick or treat!"  So fun.

I had fun putting together these little collages of the past years of Halloween since it is Andrew's FIFTH Halloween this year!  Wow.

I think he changed the most from year 3 (Elmo) to last year (Woody).  He just looks so grown up in the last picture.
And Mr. Incredible this year!  And it has been an incredible year.
We've been fortunate enough to live near Craig's brother so we always get pictures on Halloween with the kids.  I love the first picture of just Andrew and Evelyn.  They changed so much by the next year!  It is amazing how fast they grow up.  (Andrew was Woody and Buzz last year on 2 different nights of trick or treat just in case you were confused)!
Here are the cousins this year!

And sweet Lilly... her mommy and I have been friends since before the kids were born and we have loved watching these two grow up together and be friends.  Andrew just loves Lilly, and she is the sweetest little girl.  
The picture of Andrew crying (year 2) just cracks me up every time I look at it.  I love the way Lilly is looking at him like "what the heck is his problem!"  Ha!  And year 3 he is being bribed with treats (the reason he is reaching out with his hand!)  As you can see in all the comparisons, it really wasn't until last year that Andrew has actually stood in one place and said "cheese" when I told him to!

Both of them have had a special year this year because they both got a sibling!
Can you tell how proud they both are?  Oh my gosh I just love this picture.  Doesn't Kerigan just look like a giant compared to baby Jack?  I love his little football sleep sack.  Now we have a whole new chapter to add to the fun!
Last night we had dinner and trick or treated in our neighborhood.  It was so fun to just relax and have dinner and let the kids answer the door for a few trick or treaters and then head out for a little while.  The kids had a great time running up to the doors and getting candy!
The best part?  Sorting out the candy and eating it!

Tonight was trick or treat at my mom's so we loaded the kids up and headed north for more fun (and more candy!)
We visited my grandma first so she could see the kids in their costumes.  Andrew just loves playing at Tootie's house.
After Tootie's we went to Ga Ga's where they had "special" treats!  Hmmmm...
Papa got Kerigan the only treat she can eat!  Ha!  Doesn't she look thrilled?

This was how she was smiling at Papa pretty much the whole night.

My mom made lasagna and we had dinner together before heading out on the trail to see some friends and family!
We stopped at my brother Tim's house.  Andrew loves Uncle Tim and Aunt Cindy.  They are new grandparents too so they love having the kids stop by.
Kerigan found a toy to play with!
I told Andrew he wouldn't get a treat if he didn't say cheese.  This is how he reacted to that!  Ha!
This is Tim and Cindy's sweet granddaughter Lucy.  I can't believe my nephew is old enough to have a baby!  I still remember when he was a baby.  It was pretty neat to put our baby girls together for their first meeting.
Andrew, Kerigan and their 2nd cousin Lucy with Ga Ga
Of course I had to do a photo shoot of my sweet little kitty's first Halloween.  She sort of had two outfits, so she wore a different one both nights.
Her treat bucket is almost bigger than she is!  Ha!  I ordered Andrew one on his first Halloween, so Kerigan had to get one too.  Of course, a kitty cat!
Sweet little face
And sweet little feet...

Hope you all had a very Happy Halloween!

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