Sunday, March 4, 2012

catch up

People ask me all the time how I have enough time to blog...between working full time, raising two kids, a husband with a very demanding job who is rarely home on weeknights before 10pm, keeping my house clean, etc... I could go on and on.  Lately, the blog has suffered.  But I refuse to let other things take priority... except my kids.  And let's face it- they've been keeping me pretty busy lately!  So this is a long update with lots of pictures!  There is no way to make it all flow, so pardon the randomness!
These two are the reason I keep blogging.  Someday they will treasure the books I've printed of my updates and be able to look back on our family memories.  That's why I blog.  So...keeping the toilets clean can wait, right?  Ha!  (And Craig, I'm still waiting for you to surprise me with that cleaning lady!!)
These two were so funny one night after dinner.  Andrew had his "little TV" (aka, portable DVD player, which is brought out at times when daddy and I are tired of watching kids movies and shows and need some adult TV!  Ha!)  He said he was going to "share" with Kerigan and they were going to watch a movie together.  Then it turned into a raspberry blowing contest!
They were just so sweet.  Kerigan just adores her brother.  She will giggle and giggle at him all the time.
Silly raspberries!  This is her favorite thing to do- she loves it.  Andrew thinks it's hilarious and he'll start doing it too.  Of course, when he gets in trouble for "spitting," how is it different than what Kerigan is doing?  Ha!
They were being so loving and sweet.  Andrew had his arms around her and she was just spitting everywhere!  Ha!
Next thing I know, she's bopping him in the face!  Ha!  I just have to crack up at this picture, because I feel like sometime soon she's going to be able to tackle him and get him back for all those times he has yanked on her arm, pinched her face, pushed her over.... Ha!  He'll deserve every bit of it!
Ha!  Of course now he thinks it's funny and cute.  Just wait till she can really hurt ya, Andrew!
And these faces?  Yes, just plotting their next trick on mommy!  A little scary, dont'cha think?
All this closeness has given us our fair share of the sickie bugs lately...  A couple weeks ago Ga Ga stayed with the kids because Andrew got sick after he had his Kindergarten shots.  He had pink eye the day I took him in, and then it all went downhill from there.  He had a temp for a couple of days and was pretty miserable.
Ga Ga took pictures of them having a picnic in the kitchen (on my nice blanket from Crate and Barrell!  Ha!)  It's okay, it's washable!
Don't let him fool you- he really was sick.  Mainly his temp would go up at night but he felt better at times throughout the day.
I love this.
I had trouble getting a good picture of them on Valentine's Day this year.  This was the best I could do.  I ended up getting sick the day before and stayed home on V- Day.  By Thursday of that week I was no better and it was determined that I had the flu- the actual respiratory flu that you get when you are dumb and don't get a flu shot.  Yeah, I'll never make that mistake again.  I had a fever for 5 days straight.  I wore a mask around the kids and prayed they didn't get it.  Luckily, everyone else stayed healthy.

Andrew's shirt says "Heartbreaker."  He had fun at his school parties.  And I dressed Kerigan up for day care- she was so pretty.  Everyone was having a fit about her.  One of the days I dressed her up I was telling her how cute she was while looking in the mirror.  Andrew came in and heard me talking.  I said to him, "doesn't she look cute, Andrew?"  He said "Yeah!  I'm so proud of you Kerigan!"
Andrew and Kerigan have just been so precious lately.  They are both at such fun ages, and I'm especially enjoying their interactions as she gets a little older.  He has been dumping all her toys out and putting them all in front of her in a big pile!  Ha!  He'll say "We're sharing with each-ov-er!"  The other day she woke up from her nap and was crying for us to come get her and before I could get in there, Andrew was there, holding her hand through the crib and saying "I'm right here..."  It was melt-my-heart sweet.  When we get home from day care most days he'll give her a hug while she's still in her carseat.  He always tells her- "I love you so much all day!"  I'm so happy they love each other so much.
A couple weekends ago Ga Ga and I took Andrew to his very first play- "The Jungle Book." (I took this with my phone so it was a little grainy).  It was so funny because we kept talking about the "play" and when we took him out for lunch before it, he kept asking when he could go play!  Ha!  He thought we were going somewhere to play.  Silly boy.  
My mom said it's time we start exposing him to real plays- get him a little culture!  Ha!  Anyway, he enjoyed it and sat through the whole thing.  He was very serious the whole time and took turns sitting on our laps.  Afterwards the characters came out to sign autographs and I asked if he wanted to have them sign his program.  He very seriously shook his head yes and walked up front so sweet and handed it to one of the monkeys like such a big boy.  It was so cute.  I was so proud of him.
Then we celebrated a late birthday for Andrew and an early birthday for Kendra and Kelsie (my cousins) at my mom's house.  Kerigan had to get in the picture even though it wasn't her birthday.  Ha!

The kids had fun playing together and opening their gifts.
Andrew has started showing an interest in Legos lately.  He got these Cars 2 Legos and he was so thrilled.  He's been playing with them ever since.  
And the birthdays wouldn't be complete without cake.  And a candle for each kid!

These pictures are going way back, but I forgot they were on my phone!  We had Superbowl Sunday with Craig's brother and his family.  Before it got dark we took the kids out to play because we had snow!  We haven't had very much snow this year so we had to take advantage!
First snow angel of the season!  He looks so big to me here!

So happy it snowed!
Andrew and Evelyn getting ready to fly down the hill!  They begged us to push them so they'd hit the bump and go flying over it.  Then Andrew would purposefully fall off the sled at the bottom.  Ha!
A couple weeks ago daddy was out of town (golfing with his brothers in Florida...nice I know!)  So the kids and I hung out at Ga Ga's one night.  We watched a movie, had popcorn and a fire in the fireplace.  Andrew loves Ga Ga's fireplace because it is real!  Not like flipping a switch and turning it on at our house!  It's not quite the same!  Ha!
Since daddy and Uncle Jay were both gone, we also hung out one afternoon at the Science Center with Aunt Rachel and Andrew's cousins!  This "ball wall" is one of Andrew's favorite things there.  He is fascinated with it!  (These were taken with my phone so the quality isn't as good, but I forgot my camera!)
The egg drop...
Inside a cave... it was making bat sounds... kinda creepy!
Little miss was having a blast looking all around at everything!  She and I hung out while the big kids went to the IMAX movie.  She was so good all day.
Did a little fishing...
This was another one of Andrew's favorite things... he is still talking about "that food machine" at the Science Center!

Huge bubbles!
The kids came over for dinner (take out from Buffalo Wild Wings- love that place!) and Aunt Rachel and I talked about our husbands hanging out at Downtown Disney together and wishing we were there with the kids!  Ha!  Daddy brought back some fun gifts though!  And a promise to take us back again soon!
This is random- but funny... dinner out at Texas Roadhouse, Andrew sat on the saddle and it wasn't even his birthday!  Yee-Haw!
And these were my little cuddlebugs before bedtime tonight.  The weekends just fly by and Monday comes so quick.  Next weekend I am going to spend less time cleaning my house, and more time cuddling these two!  They are what life's all about!

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