Saturday, March 10, 2012

spring fever

I just had to post this when I realized when I woke up this morning what we were doing a year ago today (and yes, I didn't even think about it or notice until I woke up today!)
My little man's 3rd open heart surgery- March 10, 2011.  It is just amazing to think that a year is behind us and he's as spunky as ever.
We are enjoying a low key day at home, enjoying the beautiful weather and getting some projects done.  Andrew and daddy went to set up all his Geotrax in our basement (ignore the ugly unfinished part!!)
We had been wanting to do this for so long- he has several sets but they were all set up in different parts of the house, taking up tons of floor space.  So we finally decided (Andrew was begging daddy!) to set them all up together.  Andrew has been playing with it all morning and loving it!
Andrew and Kerigan have been playing together so nicely lately.  His favorite thing is to get the blanket out and cover them up and get all the little stuffed animals out and dump them all over the two of them!  Ha!  Kerigan seems to enjoy it too, and they both just sit there together and play.  It is so cute and fun to watch.  Love these two!

We have had some gorgeous spring-like weather here lately!  One evening we went out to play with Andrew's new outdoor games he got for his birthday.
It was so nice to have daddy home after school so we could all enjoy the evening together.
Little Miss had fun watching her brother and daddy playing!

Andrew loved it when daddy threw the darts way up high!  One even went on the roof!  Luckily it came back down!
I couldn't resist... those cheeks are too stinkin funny!
Extreme close up of a darling little face
We took Kerigan to the park and she got to swing for the very first time!
She loved it!

I think she would have stayed in here all night.
Just for fun, I had to compare this to Andrew's first time in the exact same swing:
Ha!  Now that's funny.  He was about 16 months old in this picture- that is the first time we even went to the park, with 2 open heart surgeries under his belt, we didn't exactly get time to go much sooner (plus part of the time it was winter!)
He was not real thrilled (to say the least!)
He kept wanting out and crying!  Too funny.  He has never been into the swings that much.  I am thinking Kerigan is going to be different!

Andrew loved swinging her (just a little too high though!  Ha!)
Then he insisted on swinging in the other baby swing.  Sad part was, he actually fit in it!
Andrew had fun exploring his old park- we hadn't been here since last fall!

This is him the first time I pushed him down the slide!  Ha!  (He didn't really enjoy his first trip to the park, as you can see!)  But it's safe to say he loves it now!

She loved all the fresh air!  And it wore her out!  When we got home she crashed after her bath and bottle!
Someone else was worn out too!  Ha!  He definitely didn't forget how to ride his bike though!  He flew there and home, daddy had to run to keep up with him!  Ha!  At least we taught him last year how to stop at the street.  He is fearful of cars now (finally!  He's afraid of something he should be!) and he'll often stop way before the sidewalk meets the street.  He checks both ways very well and makes sure there are no cars coming before he crosses.  I am hoping this summer that continues since I'm sure I'll be carting him and his sister back and forth from here quite a bit!

We are enjoying the weekend before our spring break begins (mine starts on Thursday!)  I'm trying to get a few things accomplished so we can tackle more projects over break, like cleaning out the basement and garage.  Don't worry, we are making some time for a little fun, too!  And Monday is a special day- our little girl turns 8 months old on her daddy's birthday!  Looking forward to a fun week!

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