Wednesday, August 29, 2012

little man

We're getting to Kindergarten updates... I promise!  Just want to keep things in order so here are some of the latest antics from my little man...
Andrew is getting to be such a good artist.  I am so impressed with his drawings lately.  The other night we ate at IHOP and he just went to town on this picture of the ship from "Pirate" Ice Age and all the characters.
I blurred out the words since it was on a menu and hard to see!  Look at these details!  Those of you who have seen the movie can appreciate it, especially the weird elephant thing, he even drew his trunk! And the tiger on all fours.  So cute!

This is just precious to me.  He brought this home from day care.  He told me who all these characters from the movie were, and then when I pointed to the one at the bottom he said, "that's me!"  Of course!  Ha!  I love how Gia is swinging on a trapeze and Marty is flying (like in the movie) and the sea lion even has a clown like thing around his neck!

I've often said I could write a book about Andrew's sayings.  He cracks us up constantly with the things he comes up with.  I have a few more funnies to add to the long list:

• Lately at meal times he's been saying that his tummy is telling him certain things.  For example the other night he said "My tummy's mad cause it doesn't want mac and cheese it only wants snacks!"  Ha! I died laughing.

• After a time out when daddy went to talk to him, he said "Daddy, I changed my attitude."

•  He is obsessed with several shows, his latest one being Doc McStuffins (yeah, I'm pretty sure most of his kindergarten peers are watching things like Batman and superhero shows... not Andrew!  Ha!)  Anyway, he gets so thrilled when I DVR new shows for him.  He'll come running over to me and say "THANK YOU MAMA!  Thank you for recording new Doc McStuffins" (or Wonder Pets, or Jake and the Neverland Pirates...fill in the blank!)  It cracks me up how thankful he is for such a minor thing.  I'm wondering where my hugs and thanks are for cooking him dinner or taking him to Legoland??  HA!

His favorite food is grapes- he is obsessed with them.  He seriously could sit down and eat about 100 of them at a time.  The other day he found a tiny grape in his bowl and he said "Awwwww, a baby one!" And he insisted on having it's picture taken.

•  This was our bedtime conversation the other night.  I was trying to snuggle with him and have a nice talk because he had been kind of naughty and I had raised my voice to him several times and I just wanted to calmly explain.
Me:  Andrew, can you please try to be nicer to your sister?
Andrew: (yawns, pulls hearing aids out and turns over) "I'm tired."
That was the end of that!

•  The other day he looked up at me and said "Kerigan looks beautiful."  He was so serious and being so sweet.
These two are just two peas in a pod lately.  Kerigan is getting more "fun" to play with.  She loves to open her arms and come to Andrew and they hug and then Andrew will fall backwards.  
(these are blurry from my phone because they would not stop moving!)
She just squeals and giggles and he loves that!  
So he keeps doing it!  
They have started to "wrestle" and Kerigan thinks her brother is so funny and she just loves him to pieces!  She follows him around the house constantly (even when he's in time out!  Ha!)
It is so fun for me to watch them interact and see how much they love each other.  Andrew is such a good big brother.
Even in the shopping cart at Sams!  Soooo sweet!

He is always doing funny things to make us laugh.  This particular day he was shoving stuffed animals inside his clothes!  ha!
One night after his bath he got his jammies on and told me to "go away," which is usually never a good sign!  Pretty soon he comes running out of his room like this!  He seriously cracks me up.  Pretty much all the time.

We went to meet the teacher night at Andrew's school a couple of days before school started.  Andrew was so excited to meet his teacher and see his classroom.  He kept looking all around and finding neat things.  He was in awe.  His favorite thing was finding the Lorax stuffed toy she had in her class library (more to come on this later!!)  He found his locker and cubby and table spot.  He could not wait to go back!
He has a really nice teacher, Mrs. Rosburg.
Funniest story of the night.  He wasn't real thrilled about me having my camera and taking pictures (when usually he is!)  But when we went in the nurses office (because he has to stop there before and after school to get his FM system hooked up for his hearing aids), he spotted this giant Minion from Despicable Me.  He was up on the bed in 2 seconds flat, arranging himself to pose for a picture.  He goes "Take a picture!"  I was dying laughing, the nurse cracked up too and said "Well, that's a first!"  Ha!
And here is our big boy on open house night outside his school.  He is so proud and we are beyond proud of him.  As the saying goes, "You've come a long way, baby!"
Just for fun- 
Andrew at daddy's football game, 7 months old (right before his first open heart surgery).

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