Friday, August 2, 2013

goodbye play dates

As summer is quickly coming to a close, I can't help but just be amazed at how fast it went, yet I feel like it was forever ago that we actually ended school and sold our house!  I'm not sure how it can feel both ways, but it does.  I feel like we haven't done much this summer, but then I think about how we packed up and moved and unpacked an entire house and then I wonder why we didn't get to the pool enough, or get enough boat rides at the lake, or have enough water gun fights in the backyard... it just all went by in a flash.  So basically, our summer was extremely busy and full, just not with the things summer usually consists of.  It kinda feels like we "missed out" on summer because of our move.  But as I was reflecting over the pictures, I realized that while it felt like we were cooped up inside packing box after box, we did still make time for some friends and play dates!
We went to a picnic at the kids daycare and it was bittersweet saying goodbye to all of our friends there.  I talk all the time about how much we loved their day care, but I just had to say it again!  It is a huge loss that we moved away from this wonderful place.  Both our kids have learned more than they would have anywhere else.  I am certain of that.
Kerigan riding bikes with her little friend, Irish.  She just cracks me up on this little bike and her helmet!  Ha!
Goodbye kisses!
This is Sarah, a special teacher from day care that Kerigan just loves.  Sarah offered to watch Kerigan for us a few times while we were packing and moving.  She took Kerigan out to lunch and swimming, and another day they went to the pool and out to dinner.  I feel like Kerigan only went to the pool because of Sarah!  It was so nice and she loves going with her.
Before we moved one evening I watched Evie and Jayden (the kids' cousins) and we took a McDonald's picnic dinner to the park!  So maybe it's not a real picnic with fast food, but it was the first day they had minions, and Andrew would not have let me pass that place up!  Ha!
This is one of our favorite parks (something else we will miss!) :(  We love to come here because there are frogs by this pond and they are super easy to catch!
I love this- brother tormenting sister- Ha!
Isn't it so huge?  I couldn't get over how big they were!
Evie and Andrew loved the frogs... Kerigan and Jayden- notsomuch.  We almost had Kerigan talked into petting it, when it jumped out of Andrew's hand right at her!  It was pretty funny, but after that she was done!
Another day we went to visit some more friends, Hudson and Payton.  Their mama teaches at my mom's school and we have become friends.  Andrew and Hudson are the same age so they have a blast playing together.  Andrew could not get over these neat dune racers!  He never wanted to leave!
We made homemade pizzas for lunch- so much fun!
And these boys are incredibly special to Andrew.  This is Payton and Nicholas- they are Andrew's very best buddies that were in his preschool class for 2 years.  They all went to different schools for Kindergarten last year and we saw each other a couple times throughout the year, but it is always like no time has passed when we get them together.  We met at a park to say goodbye before we moved.
I love this picture.  Nick and Andrew were fascinated by this bug!  These two boys are such sweet friends.  Nick's dad told me that when they first started school (they were 3), Nick came home from school and told him that Andrew was his favorite friend.  At school they were inseparable.  Too precious for words.
These three were such close friends because their first year of preschool they got to be the only ones at school on Fridays.  They got special one on one attention and loved being together all by themselves at school.  They all looked forward to Fridays!  They have become special friends and I know we will see them again and keep in touch.
Kerigan had a play date with her little boyfriend Harrison!  She was trying to coax him into the pool, but he wasn't having it!
Harrison's mommy and I became good friends when we taught together for several years.  We both wanted to get pregnant with these two so badly!  We talked and talked about it for about a year and it was so fun when we both got pregnant about 2 months apart!
They definitely have our permission to get married someday.  Ha!
We went to visit my grandma on her 85th birthday and brought her a little cake.  She loves to watch the kids play and enjoys when we come visit.
And this is the start of some new play dates in our new town!  We went to the library with some friends and saw animals from the zoo!  They got to pet an alligator- pretty cool!
These are our friends Grace and Emily (and yes, my daughter is really this funny all the time!)  Anyway, we are just so blessed to have moved to the town where these girls live.  We have known them for a few years through our heart support group because Grace also has a special heart.  We never would have thought in a million years that someday we would be living in the same town!
Kerigan and Andrew have so enjoyed having them come over to play and spend time with us after we moved (and I've enjoyed having their mom and my friend Mandy come over and help me with many projects around the house!)
We just call her "Handy Mandy!"  Ha!
The kids are entertained and we get busy on the house... most of the time!  Ha!  It's just so nice and fun to have adult company and a friend in town right from the start!  I'm pretty sure I couldn't have survived those first few weeks without her!
And the best news yet?  We found day care for Kerigan!  Woo hoo!  After searching and searching with not much luck or much to choose from, we stumbled upon this when I was about to give up.  Craig was told that his golf coach's wife does in home day care.  I told him to ask immediately!  Well, turns out she was full.  But then when she found out Kerigan would only be part time (on days I am substitute teaching), she said she'd take her!  And you can imagine how thrilled I was when we pulled up to meet them and her little girl, Lily, was standing outside ready to greet us in a princess dress!  Then she quickly ran and got one for Kerigan.  Not to mention there are two other 2 year old girls that will be here.  Ashley is a former preschool teacher and her basement looks like an adorable little classroom with fun things posted all over, a "carpet" area for story time, etc.  It was like a little school room, which I loved!  I'd say it is a match made in heaven!  Just another reminder that I'm not in control and that when the time is right, God will bring just the right people into our lives!
They invited us to a fun ice cream social one evening to get to know some other families in town and we had so much fun!

We look forward to many more play dates, making friends and having fun!  Andrew is enjoying school (update coming!) and has already made some new friends.  It is already starting to feel more like HOME!

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