Wednesday, August 7, 2013

summer catch up

I just have to squeeze in a couple of updates of random pictures from our extremely busy summer.  These were taken before we moved, and I love them so much.  The kids were playing so cute together in their bedrooms, having tea parties and dance parties!
Look at those moves!  Ha!
No more monkeys jumping on the bed!
This crocodile sings and dances to the "Crocodile Rock" song.  I used to have it in my classroom to call my kids to the carpet when I taught 1st grade, and Andrew and Kerigan both love it!
I was laughing so hard about this.  I had this stuff set out to take pictures of and sell, and she got into her snow suit from last winter!  It was so hot outside, so this was pretty crazy!  
I blogged a little about this on her 2 year update, but I never want to forget how sweet she plays with her Disney princess castle.  She covers her mouth like this and squeals with excitement.  She sings all the songs and waltzes around the family room.  It is the most precious thing ever.
She just loves to play, especially with familiar characters she knows and loves!

This is just precious to me.  Little mother.  She adores her Bitty Baby and always wants it to do whatever she does!
It has to go with us on car rides!
I love this picture.  SO much.  
I took this of her back in May before we weaned her off the paci.  It was cracking me up because I was so terrified to try to break her of this habit.  Here she had one in her mouth and is clutching one in her hand!  Ha!  This girl was completely addicted to that thing.  And taking it away was the easiest thing ever.  I couldn't believe it.
She has been sleeping like a champ without it for several months now!
This was the last day I had taken her to day care and I came and picked her up and the teachers had put her hair in pigtails like this and I thought it was the cutest thing I'd ever seen!
She just looks so sweet and innocent- HA!
And a little more mischevious here!
Little miss had her first dentist appointment before we moved.  I just loved the kids' dentist.  She luckily referred us to a colleague of hers that happens to have a practice in our new town!  I was so thrilled.  
Kerigan did amazing.  I couldn't believe she sat here like such a big girl!
I love how they can practice brushing these stuffed animals huge teeth!  Ha!
All checked out great with both kids!  We will miss Dr. Diane but are looking forward to meeting their new dentist in December!
This is such a sweet story.  Craig's cousin Ellen got married in July and we went to her beautiful wedding.  The wedding was in a huge old church that was so pretty, and Kerigan was convinced it was Cinderella's castle.  She kept pointing at everything and saying Ellen was "Cinderella!"  It was so funny!
She was just mesmerized by Ellen.  She kept calling her Cinderella and wanted to see her every minute.  For the dollar dance she danced with her- it was so sweet!
I think we've kept the movie theater in business this summer.  There have been so many great movies out for kids.  And they just keep coming!  We didn't get a picture with Monsters University, but that was the first movie Kerigan went to.  I was nervous about taking her, but she did great!  So we kept taking her!  She was fine with some popcorn and snacks!  Ha!
This was the Walmart display (ha!) but we saw this movie in Clear Lake on the 4th of July.  We all loved it!  
We saw Planes, which was pretty good.  But I still love the Cars movies more!
Daddy and I took Andrew on a special date (without Kerigan!) to Smurfs 2 the weekend before school started.  It was so funny!  Andrew enjoyed one on one time with us, and so did we!
Now Andrew can't stop talking about this movie coming out at the end of September...
It looks really cute!
One morning I came downstairs and found her like this watching TV- Ha!
And another day she was like this!  So silly!
Just some more silly fashion statements!  Most of them involve PJ's, and tutus, dress up shoes, necklaces, etc.
And... you know, winter boots.  In July.  On one of the hottest days of the summer.

And one night when the kids cousins were here, they all made a statement and crossed this off the summer bucket list!  DQ in our pj's!  So fun.

More to come soon... it's still over 100 degrees here so I feel like I can still update about summer!  Ha!

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