Monday, August 19, 2013

back to school

I feel like this summer just flew by.  I cannot believe school has already been underway for a couple of weeks now and that Andrew is in FIRST grade!!  Where did the time go?  Wasn't it just yesterday he was born 6 weeks early, weighing just 3 lb 13 oz and had his first open heart surgery??  To think of everything we've been through the last few years, I just cannot help but think back to those scary times and feel so proud when I see him today.
We all attended Back to School night the night before school started.  The kids brought their supplies and met their teacher.  I love this night so much because it is a time for us to get a "sneak peek" into his classroom and meet the teacher when she's not busy with 24 kids the next day!  Andrew found his desk and was very happy it was right in front.
Kerigan wanted to go to school too!  Ha!  This is the first year Andrew has had a desk with space inside.  He is used to a table with materials on top to share, so he was fascinated with the inside of his desk!  I'm sure he will need some major lessons on keeping it clean and organized- HA!  He's probably going to be like those kids that drive his mama crazy in MY classroom when their desks get so out of control I have to dump them!  Ha!
This is Mrs. Nichols.  We hoped, and prayed, and hoped some more that he would end up in her class.  We have heard nothing but the best things about her and we really wanted Andrew to have a good year this year.  I think we are off to a great start!  And I always take the teacher picture on back to school night so I don't have to bother her the next morning!
We found his locker and he was so thrilled that his name was in GREEN!  He said "Mom!  My favorite color!" (Because of the ninja turtles... you know).
Daddy and little sis
Me and my big first grader!
So the next morning everyone was up and excited for the first day!  I love this picture of him.  He looks so happy and excited!
And this... too precious for words.  I was taking his picture and she wanted to go over and hug him- oh my heart!
Kerigan misses her Bubba all day!  She is sort of like a lost soul, wandering around here.  Sometimes she asks where he is, or she'll say "Bubba is with his teacher?"  Then when we go pick him up she gets so excited and gives him a huge hug (just like this one) in front of all the kids and teachers at his school.  Andrew is proud of her and loves to hug her.  I hope he will always feel this way.
The last few days after we dropped him off, Kerigan has asked to go to Ladybugs and get a backpack.  She is obsessed with backpacks.  This could be partly because of Dora (the backpack song...oh lord), but also partly because she is seeing all the Princess, Dora and other girly backpacks all the girls are wearing at Andrew's school.  Ha!
In front of his school
In the mornings the kids can play outside (supervised) until the bell rings.  Andrew loves this.  It helps me get him out the door on time- I just tell him we aren't going to have time to play outside and he moves right along!  Ha!
On the first day I let Kerigan play too because I wanted to go in with Andrew.  So now every day she asks to go play!  Poor thing she wants to be a big girl so badly!
Andrew in line with his class.  The little boy behind him is his favorite new friend, Eli.  His mommy was our realtor!  I was so happy they got in the same class- we just love their family!  
I loved this picture of him putting his things away like such a big boy!  I didn't go inside the classroom with him.  He wasn't really wanting me to hug him or hang out for long- Ha!  I continued to go in with him the next couple of mornings, and the morning after that he finally said to me when we were driving there "Mom, did you know for first grade you don't have to go in with me.  For first grade you can just drop me off and leave.  That's what first graders do."  Ohmyheart!  I love that kid so much but I'm afraid I am cramping his style!  Ha!

And that was the last morning I went inside.

I was so happy and excited on the first day of school when I got back in the van and there was a text message from Mandy asking me to come over for breakfast!  I was so thrilled!  It was so sweet of her to make us breakfast and we chatted and Kerigan had free reign on all of her daughter's babies and dolls!
We were so goofy setting the timer on her camera but I wanted a picture of us!
Kerigan was having a blast!  She loves "Manee" and Emily and Grace.  She was definitely wondering where everybody was, but she was enjoying having everything all to herself!
We had to laugh when we found this note from Mandy's daughter!  Ha ha!  So cute.
When Andrew got home that day he had some surprises he had been wanting.  He had asked for brownies the other day and I didn't have time to make them so I thought I'd save them for an after school snack!  He was so excited.

While it is definitely different and maybe a little bit scary to be starting school in a new town, we are so blessed to have already made such nice friends and that Andrew already has some friends in his class.  His teacher is wonderful as is the principal and staff at his school.  We are feeling welcomed with open arms.
First grade favorites
Kindergarten favorites

Happy back to school Andrew!  We love you and are so proud of you!  It's going to be a great year!

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