Friday, October 11, 2013

a day off

A couple weeks ago the kids had Friday off from school so Mandy and I decided to take them on a little mini vacation!
We went to the Omaha Zoo!
They were so excited!
We had just been there in June when it was super hot, so it was so nice to be there when the weather was a little cooler.
One of our favorite places to visit- the Rainforest!
Of course we always love the gorillas.  Kerigan would have nothing to do with sitting on them!  Ha!
The kids loved the big bear paws up against the window!

Again, I swear Andrew and monkeys just have this special connection somehow- Ha!
This just cracks me up
And this was the funniest picture of the day- and quite possibly the funniest one I've ever seen!  The gorilla looks a little scary, doesn't he??  We think he wanted some of the girls' snow cones!
We love the aquarium, too!

The penguins are always my favorite and I can never get a good picture of them because they move too fast so I had to post this because I finally got a good one!
Sharks were everywhere in this tank!  Andrew thought it was so cool!
Kerigan did decide to climb on the baby lion statue- it was more her size!
After a fun day at the zoo, we headed to our hotel- the Coco Key resort!
They had a waterpark and the kids just had a blast- I could not believe Kerigan but once she warmed up she never stopped!
She and Grace went on these slides over and over and over again!

Emily and Andrew loved the lazy river- I couldn't get their picture because they were going too fast!
Proof that I was there, and I got in the water!
Andrew loved the bigger slides, he went on them all night long!
We all stayed at the waterpark until about 10:00pm!  I couldn't believe it, but the kids were going strong and never got tired, even Kerigan!
It was so funny, she has a habit of not sleeping well in hotels and taking forever to fall asleep.  Andrew crashed right away, and I took Emily and Grace out to get snacks so Mandy kept Kerigan.  When we got back, she was out like a light!  I couldn't believe Mandy got her to sleep so easily!  Stinker!
In the lobby of our hotel the next morning.  We had such a fun little getaway and the kids just had a blast together!  I already asked Mandy what we are doing the next time the kids don't have school!  Ha!    We are so lucky to have such special friends!

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