Tuesday, October 15, 2013

kerigan's days

So, many of you have been asking and noticing on Facebook that Kerigan has been going to day care but I haven't been working yet!  I thought it was time to at least touch on this subject, and give you a little insight into our days so far this fall.

So, the plan has always been that I would substitute teach this year.  So we needed day care for Kerigan on days that I am subbing.  Funny thing is, we found the perfect day care, but I haven't exactly started subbing yet (yes!  I know it's October!)  Ha!  In my defense, I needed a little time to process this move.  Seriously, it was one of the most stressful things we've ever done as a family and I just needed to get the house in order, get the kids and all of us settled so I could stay sane.  I didn't think it would take me this long to get back in the swing, but I think I am finally getting there.  Slowly but surely!  The truth is, I love being home with Kerigan.  I love being the one to drop off and pick up Andrew from school instead of a day care bus.  With this move came many stressors, but also many benefits.  I have to weigh them out and almost always I am grateful for this change.  To be honest, I don't miss the politics of education and the direction it is heading.  I needed a mental break.  And this fall has been just what I needed.

So we've been "practicing" day care a little bit, because I can't just throw my daughter in the door of some stranger's house one day and expect her to be okay with that (although I think she totally would have been!  The minute she saw all the princesses, babies and dress up clothes she was like "bye mama!"  Ha!)  We started in September with me just taking her over for a play date a couple of times.  Then the next week I left her for a 1/2 day.  Then the next week I left for a little longer, and so on.  And it's been working out so perfectly.  She gets to play and have fun while mommy gets some time to work on the house, finish painting projects and unpacking boxes!  It's been good for both of us.
Let me tell you, this group of little people has been the biggest blessing to us.
I mean seriously?  Look at this yard!  And the treehouse?  To die for.  And 4 little girls her age to play with.  Kerigan is just in heaven when she's there.
This picture cracks me up because she is wearing her backpack.  I am telling you, she is obsessed!  She sees all the kids at Andrew's school with them on and she insists on having hers on.  All.the.time.
Ashley is a former teacher, and it's quite obvious the moment you walk in the door and see all the amazing things she does with the kids.  Kerigan is always coming home with these neat little projects, not to mention that Ashley sends me pictures and videos all.day.long.  I love it!  I was never sold on in-home day cares.  Until we met Ashley!  She is just awesome!  She still has the structure of a center, a weekly theme, and so much learning going on!
One day the kids all walked to the neighbors close by to pick tomatoes!  Then they brought them home and ate them!  She used them to make lunch, too.
And Ashley sent this little collage of photos on a day they went apple picking.  I love love love that picture of Kerigan at the top munching on her apple!  They made applesauce together with the apples they picked.
Some serious breakfast conversation going on.  Ha!
Bubbles on the deck!
Ashley sent me this one day- she had told Kerigan to give her a "thumbs up" and this is what she did!  Ha!
Just chillin, eating snacks!  Ha!
This is Ashley!  Love her!  She even organizes little field trips for the kids.  This day they went to a small airport and got to sit in the plane and ride on little airplanes (in the driveway).
This is a bigger group than she normally has- she had a couple of friends join her and they brought their kids too.
We were even in the paper for story time at the library!  This was a day I had joined them on their outing.
This photo was titled "5 little girls hiding in a closet!"  Ha!
They build forts, and play with princesses, dress up and just have fun all.day.long!  Kerigan could not be in better hands or be having more fun.  I think I can safely say that I am as ready as I can be to get back in the trenches and do some subbing.  I'm working on getting all the paperwork organized this week and hope to start in the next week or two!  Yikes!
And the best news is... she naps!!  For over 2 hours!  When I have her at home with me, we drive around in the car for about 20 minutes after she's undressed herself and gone potty in her bed multiple times until I get fed up!  Ha!  I told Ashley I'm going to start just driving her over at nap times!

This is just another reminder to me that God knows what He's doing.  When we had to move and take Kerigan out of the best day care center in the world, He brought her to the place that He knew she belonged.

The place where our family belongs.

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