Wednesday, October 9, 2013

bobcats homecoming

Homecoming week was super busy for Craig so we had fun visiting the school!  Our family was supposed to be in the parade but it was a torrential downpour that night so we didn't get to do it.  It was kind of disappointing because I know Andrew would have enjoyed it.
That evening there was a fundraiser dinner at the Roundhouse (their gym- shaped like a big circle) which is getting renovated next year.  Daddy is working really hard on committees to help raise money for the school.
One of those times Kerigan looked so adorable in her sweet little Bobcat dress that Mandy made her but she would not perform in front of the camera!
Our family- so proud of our daddy and all of his hard work!
Emily and Grace, two of my kids' favorite people!
Strike a pose!
Mandy also made her darling hair bow!  Have you ever seen anything so cute? She's all set to cheer on all of daddy's teams!  Go Bobcats!
Just some funny selfies Andrew was taking and we were laughing hysterically.  He's such a funny kid!
Andrew and Kerigan love this scary Bobcat mascot- every time we go in daddy's office Kerigan yells "Bobcat!!!!!"  Ha!  I'm surprised it doesn't terrify her.  Although I suppose if she actually saw it out walking around it might!
They had another parade on Saturday morning for Octemberfest and we got to go, although we weren't in this one.  I thought these two were sweet saluting the flags as they came by.  Andrew was wearing his Taekwondo pants because his class was supposed to do a demonstration after the parade but it started downpouring again so he didn't get to do it.  We wished for rain all summer, and then it came the two days we wanted it to hold off!
The Roundhouse float!
The kids were beyond excited when they saw these Minions in the parade!  I couldn't get my camera out fast enough- they were moving fast!
Andrew was already pointing at the next one.  They were so cute!
These two amazing men are the face and voice of the school and our town.  Aiddy is the high school principal (he's wearing orange for a no bullying campaign they are promoting) and he has 2 young kids that Andrew and Kerigan love playing with.  They have made us feel so welcome in town and they are just the most special family.  Craig and Aiddy have gotten to be friends, which is so nice.  They work together so well and they are going to do BIG things for those kids at MHS!!

Happy Homecoming Week Bobcats!

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