Sunday, May 4, 2014

more from Easter

On our way back from Grandpa and Grandma's we always stop at Ga Ga and Papa's for Easter dinner. The kids were so excited to see the bunny footprints!
Easter baskets from  Ga Ga!
She loved her snacks, shoes and play telephone!
Andrew could not have been more excited to get the Skylander he had been wanting more than anything!
Both kids got pajamas and they couldn't get them on fast enough!  I didn't even get a chance to take their pictures in their Easter outfits together because it was raining at Grandma's and they were in pajamas at Ga Ga's!  Ha!
I'm sure I'll be seeing this face many times in the future, along with her talking on the phone!
She was being so silly and funny and dancing!
The kids loved this old Easter set that my grandma made when I was a little girl.  The carrot holds all the bunnies and zips up.  It is one of those things I have memories of playing with and I love that my kids (especially Kerigan) loves it too!
Andrew acting like a purple minion!  Ha!
Ga Ga and Papa got a new homemade ice cream machine!  It is fast!  You just mix all the ingredients and it takes about a half hour before the ice cream is ready!  So fun!  The kids loved helping them make it.
Watching it mix up!  It was fun to keep checking on it every few minutes to see it freezing!

This girl has a new favorite thing- strawberries and ice cream!  She loves all fruit, but strawberries are her favorite.  She seriously eats them in bulk!  I think I refilled her dish 10 times.  She loves strawberry ice cream and shakes now too.  When we go through the drive thru we always have to get one.  Strawberry ice cream is Ga Ga's favorite too!
After Ga Ga and Papa's we made our way back home to see if the Easter bunny had come to our house.  The kids were so excited to see that he remembered to come even though we were at Grandma's that morning!
She loves her Ana and Elsa dolls!  And her Clover the bunny from Sofia the First.  He was the perfect "Easter" bunny for her basket!
More Skylanders!  Even a special "limited edition" springtime one the EB had made special (because you know, we never saw them in stores!)  A girl and her bunny.
Rockin her new Sofia shades and Pet Palace pj's! (3rd pj change of the day by the way).
Showing off his new Skylander loot!  The other day Kerigan was watching Toy Story on TV and I told him it used to be his favorite movie, he said "not anymore!" and informed us that he only likes Skylanders now.  Nice.  Our little man is growing up
So I cheated and did a little "post" Easter photo shoot on a nicer day since the morning of Easter was rainy and by that afternoon the kids were already out of their outfits and into their new jammies!  So let's just pretend this was Easter morning, ok??

I cannot get this girl to look at the camera for anything.  She looks away like this on purpose, just to make me mad I think.  Ha!  She and I are going to butt heads someday I can just feel it!  She definitely has a mind of her own!
Feelin' the love!

Happy Easter!

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