Wednesday, May 21, 2014

frozen at cyclone stadium

We were so excited to get to go to my alma mater and watch Frozen on the actual football field where my Cyclones play!  It is like a once in a lifetime opportunity (although this is the 2nd year, and hopefully it becomes an annual thing!)
We joined together with our special Cyclone fan friends and ate dinner first at the required place to eat in Cyclone Country- Hickory Park!  Andrew is the best photo-bomber ever.

Then we headed to Jack Trice where Cy greeted us!  Kerigan started clinging to me and screaming, but of course I plopped her down anyway.  Usually she stands where I put her and screams, but this time she backed away!  I love Andrew's face in this picture.  I'm pretty sure he's thinking his sister is a little crazy.  Ha!
Hopefully the next Cyclone someday!
We actually thought in advance and brought our ISU football!  We had plenty of time to enjoy tossing it around before the movie started (because those that know me and my Type-A, know that we arrived at least 45 minutes before they even let us in the gate, resulting in us being one of the first groups in line!)  Success!  Although it turned out there wasn't really a bad seat in the place.  You can see the Jumbotron from everywhere!
Not many kids can say they tossed the football around on the field at Jack Trice Stadium!

Watching and anticipating her brother's next throw!
Cyclone fan #2
We staked out some awesome seats and shared bowls of popcorn!
The weather was just amazing.  We couldn't have ordered up a better night.  I think a lot of people thought it would be cold (it was in the middle of May), but it turned out to be that perfect temperature where you don't need a jacket until later, and even then you are perfectly comfortable.
The next Cyclone generation!
See what I mean?  Not a bad seat in the house!  This was an amazing sight (taken with my phone on the way back from a bathroom break with my newly potty trained daughter which I'd like to forget!
Frozen is so amazing, isn't it?  It's like the whole world unites!  Everyone understands what we are talking about when we ask if you want to build a snowman, and the phrase "Let it go" has a whole new meaning!  It was pretty incredible to watch it in this setting.  All the little girls stood up during "Let it Go" and belted it out!
Selfie with my girl, relaxing on the field!
Daddy's not as skilled at selfies, so I took one of them!  Ha!
Family selfie, minus Kerigan who was enthralled in the movie.  (And what is it with my kids and open mouths in selfies?  Ha!)

We can't wait to take over the field again next year!  Thanks for a fun night Chris, Andrea, Norah and Stella, and GO CYCLONES!

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