Thursday, May 15, 2014

a dream come true

So before Kerigan was born, I used to say that I was fine not having a girl, and doing all the girly princess things.  It didn't appeal to me at the time.  Andrew was my main focus, and I enjoyed the toys and characters that HE loved.  We often went out of our way for him to meet said characters, for example, making a trip back to the Mall of America on the way home when we had already been there the day before, just to see a Ninja Turtle.  Or seeking out the best and most efficient ways to meet Woody and Buzz at Disneyworld.  I always said the "boy" characters were the most fun (and please don't misunderstand, I am fully aware that girls can like Woody and Buzz too!)  I'm just sayin.  I didn't need the whole princess thing.

But I will be the first to admit.  I am eating those words now.
I am obsessed.
Perhaps it's because this little princess loves everything girly and princesses are... well... her most favorite things ever.
So we seek them out now.  There's this amazing little thing I never knew about called Little Princess Parties.  Simple idea.  They hire young girls to dress up like princesses.  They attend birthday parties, special events and fundraisers around town.  Genius!  Wish I had thought of it myself.
This is her face when it was her turn to meet Elsa.  She's completely enamored and I love how she's just soaking her in.
Cherry Berry (the whole Orange Leaf, Lemon Tree craze) had a fundraiser and Elsa was there.  We had to make the 35 minute drive.  Totally worth it.  My friend Angie and I took our girls and I think we had just as much fun!
Then we heard that Belle and Snow White were going to host a tea party at a "mansion" and tea room in a nearby town, and we had to get tickets!

Modeling her new Belle dress
Ashley and I took Kerigan and Lily and we had so much fun together too!  A tea party with princesses!?  Pretty hard to top that!  I kept saying it's the next best thing to Disney!
They only sold a certain amount of tickets to keep the group small, and it worked out perfectly because the girls really got a lot of attention.
Love this smile!
She was waiting for Belle and Snow White to come to our table...
Watching them and dreaming from across the room.  I can only imagine in her little mind, it's like a dream come true.

Belle told them all about Beast, and how he was back at the castle having lessons in manners!  Ha!
Mamas and daughters!
These two are just too precious for words.  And yes, Ashley and I purposely dressed them as opposite princesses.  We're smart like that.  Ha!  Oh, and don't you love how Lily is showing off her red fingernails??
Group photo!

Then they read the little girls a story.  It was such a special afternoon at the tea room!
Sometimes, dreams really do come true!

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