Tuesday, September 16, 2014

back to school

My sweet babies started school last month!  I am pretty sure I say this every year, but I cannot believe how much time flies, and how much they grow and change each year.  I just want to freeze time.
They both had a great first day, and have had a great year so far!  We are blessed again with awesome teachers.
It is so surreal to me that Andrew is in 2nd grade.  I taught 2nd grade for 8 years when I got my first teaching job.  I was a 2nd grade teacher when I found out that my precious son would be born with a congenital heart defect.  And I would never have believed that one day, he would be entering 2nd grade.  
We are so blessed.
For the first time, he's starting his 2nd year in the same building.  I think he was so happy not to have to change schools this year!  And the best part is... I am there with him!
I got to walk him in on our first day
I think we both had a little extra "spring" in our step!
He found his locker!
But then he came back to mommy's room until school started!  He does this every day and I absolutely love it.  Every day after school he comes bursting in the door, so excited to tell me all about his day.  I always sit down with him and he tells me things he's learned.  Best part of my day.
Andrew (2nd grade) & Mommy (4th grade)- First day of school!
Most of his favorites haven't changed!  He couldn't pick just one favorite of most of them!  He wanted to name 2 shows, 2 movies, etc... ha!  So I just picked the first ones he said.  He looks so much more grown up to me than he does in his first grade pictures.

And this girl... oh how I love her!  This smile just shows exactly how excited she was about her first day of preschool.  Her day was the week after Andrew's, and she was so mad when I was taking pictures of him and not her!  I debated about getting them in the picture together, but this year I didn't, since they started on different days.
I just love her little school patch on her dress... and her sweet toes and saltwater sandals.  I could just eat her up with a spoon!
She picked out her first backpack.  Of course purple.  And unicorns.
The theme for her this year is princesses, purple and pink!  Ha!
I can hardly believe it, but this was her 2 yr favorites, taken on the last day of 2 yr old day care.  So it was a little over a year, but she just looks SO little to me!  

So I blinked and another school year is underway!  Bring on fall!

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