Saturday, September 13, 2014


I can't believe I've let this much time pass between posts.  I think that's a first.  There is that never ending to-do list and this blog keeps getting pushed farther down the list.  I love blogging and keeping record of our family's memories, so I promise to try to keep up!  This has just been a crazy busy season... and all the fun we are having and things we are doing are taking priority to blog updates!  But I want to get them in the books... so here's my attempt at catching up!
This was such a cool day.  The Superhero heart run was started by some heart moms in Omaha and they also make the Superhero capes for heart kiddos.  Andrew got his cape several years ago and loves it.  They brought this walk to Des Moines and we had so much fun attending!  Having all the mascots there was pretty cool, too!
The panther (UNI!) was funny, he kept teasing Andrew!
Everyone who walked/ran got a cape (instead of a t-shirt like most walks, original idea, right?)  I loved it!  Kerigan picked pink and Andrew got green.  But then we put his other cape on to identify him as a heart HERO!
They were supposed to dress like superheroes and Kerigan has nothing like that so we settled for Belle!  Ha!
Grace and Kerigan
Kerigan refused to stand by any of the mascots, but I had no problem getting her in there with the ISU cheerleaders!  That's my girl!
Heart friends Andrew and Lainey!
My little superhero (I guess he's my big superhero now!)
The mascots started the race...
I loved this of Andrew taking his mark to begin!
This kid absolutely LOVES running.  When he heard he got to run he was so excited!

Had to stop for a picture with the UNI Panther (for daddy!)
Andrew ran for about half of it, so he was way ahead.  Grace and Kerigan strolled along and chatted.  So characteristic of our girls!

After the race I had a special surprise for the kids...
Yes, we got a kitten!  She was donated to us by a heart family who breeds these special kind of cats (Cyhawk Siberian), they are really good with kids and low shed (which was a must on my list!  I refused to be constantly cleaning up cat hair!)  So daddy caved and we drove to pick her up after the walk!  The kids were so excited and surprised!
She wore her "Belle" shirt because we named the kitten Belle!
The kids have both gotten over their fears of animals, which we had hoped they would.  Both of them have always been afraid of animals (anytime we went to anyone's house who have a cat or dog they would freak out).  So we felt a pet of their own would help, and it has!  They love playing with her and they just adore her.
Every year at the beginning of the year when all the classrooms are doing graphs of what pets and how many pets the kids have, Andrew always had to be the one without a pet.  He would always come home and ask for one.

Ya think they are happy about our new pet?
Speaking of superheroes, the amazing doctors from Iowa City came to talk to our heart support group at last month's meeting!  This is Andrew's main man, Dr. Divekar!  I basically wouldn't let anyone else touch Andrew in the cath lab.  This man is a miracle worker and has worked many on Andrew!  He's had more caths than I can count (I lost count at 11 a couple years ago) and Dr. D knows Andrew's heart better than anyone.  We thought it was pretty special to sit down and have him join us for dinner before the presentation!
There are two new surgeons, as they replaced the incredible Dr. Davis, who passed away last year of a brain tumor.  We miss Dr. Davis so much, and are so blessed he was the one who touched Andrew's heart twice.  We know we can trust him with these new surgeons as well, as he will need more surgeries in the future.
Our awesome team!  We are so proud of the University of Iowa Children's Hospital!
Group picture with some of the heart kids!
Cardiologist Dr. Law and Dr. Divekar!  They have both known Andrew since he was 7 months old.  I love these strong guy poses!  Our little man is one strong superhero!

*Speaking of, he has a cardio appointment coming up next month which will probably determine the course of action for his next cath.  Please be praying for those pressures to be low and for his heart to look happy! :)

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