Saturday, September 6, 2014

labor day of love

I'm backing up to Labor Day.... I know, I know.  I told you I was behind!
We went with our good friends Angie and Chad to the UNI/Iowa football game.  I have to admit it was weird to be at a game that wasn't my ISU cyclones, and I did miss my red and gold!  But it was great being with friends and tailgating on a beautiful weekend!
Friend selfie!
Craig was just glad I had Angie there to chat with, since I wasn't really into watching the game!  Ha!
This was so funny, they wouldn't let Angie in the gate with her bag, so she left it by the gate and can you believe after the game and tons of people were leaving, it was still there!?  We thought it was hilarious!
The next day we headed to the lake for a little R & R!
A picnic on the boat is one of our favorite summer traditions!
Not complete without easy cheese!  Ha!
And a cat nap!
After a relaxing day on the lake, we headed to the hotel to check in.
The kids were a huge help- Ha!
After a day of boating we still had to take a dip in the pool before heading out for dinner!
We met my aunt, uncle and cousins for dinner and the kids had fun catching up!  
We used to get together all the time at my grandma's, but since she passed away we haven't seen them nearly enough.  We miss them!
Let me tell you I wish these two lived closer!  I'd have built in babysitters!
Andrew always loves wrestling with Kolton!
It's so fun for him to have a big cousin to look up to!  And Kolton is such a neat kid!
They brought their swim suits too so they went for another swim after dinner!
My kids could never get enough of the pool!

They crashed once they had baths and we were back in the room!
Ah, the joys of sleeping with your siblings, right?  Ha!
Andrew's favorite thing is the pancake maker at breakfast.

A little "Full House" before another swim in the morning!  Yes, she's watching my favorite childhood show- scary!  Ha!
The kids always like to play at the park while Daddy, Papa and Ga Ga cover the boat.
I used to play at this park as a little girl (although they have new equipment now!)
Luckily Ga Ga and Papa live in Cyclone Country right on the way home, so we had to stop and eat pizza with them at our favorite place on campus!
They love eating at this little Pac Man game table.  Whatever makes them eat their dinner, right?  Ha!

Another fun and memorable Labor Day is in the books!

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