Saturday, December 27, 2014

christmas fun

We enjoyed our last day of school with a cookie decorating party!  I ordered cookies for Andrew's class and my class.  We brought all the toppings and I had a teacher cover my class for a little while so I could go to Andrew's class party, which I appreciated SO much!  Another one of those perks to working at the same school as my son!
Andrew and his best friend, Gavin.
Andrew's sweet little class and his awesome teacher, Mrs. Friday!

This is the sweetest little story I have to share.  Andrew and Gavin are the best of buddies.  They are pretty much inseparable.  The day before the last day of school, Gavin brought Andrew a Skylander.  It was in a little box with a crumpled bow and it was one that he owned himself.  He told Andrew he only had 6 of them at home.  Andrew has more than I can count.  And he already had the one that Gavin gave him.  But like I had taught him, he acted excited and said thank you, not telling him that he already had it.  I was so proud of him!  Then he came home and wanted to write Gavin a card and pick out one of HIS Skylanders to give to Gavin.
I had to take a picture of the sweet little note he wrote to Gavin.  "You are my best buddy.  Gavin I am so excited to see you after Christmas break and I am so excited to have much more fun with you next time and I can't wait to come and visit your house one day.  And you are my best friend."  The most precious thing ever!
Here he is giving it to him.  I was so proud of both of these boys!
So excited for Christmas break!
Kerigan's day care provider and our good friend, Ashley, had Santa and Mrs. Claus come over for the kids last day before break.
Kerigan is officially over her fear of Santa.  I won't say she's thrilled to sit on his lap, but at least she isn't screaming and reaching for me!

Ashley with the kids, and the siblings of the kids she watches.
When break began we went out with Angie, Payton and Piper to a yummy italian place in town to celebrate and open gifts from each other.
We went back to Angie's for gift opening.
My sweet girl had her very first Christmas program at preschool.  She was so beautiful I just couldn't get over how proud I was of her.
She is letting me put "curlies" in her hair and I just love it!  We are letting it get a little longer now so I can put it up and I just love this length.

She wasn't thrilled with Andrew wanting to be in a picture with her!  The color is off so I had to tint the photo.  Andrew loves his sister!
She did so good.  I couldn't believe she actually stood up there and did the actions and sang!
This little boy is simply adorable too!  I thought they looked so cute standing here together!
Is she seriously going to break some hearts someday or what!?
Rocking the baby Jesus.  I love this picture.
Kerigan and her good friend Lily.
We just love her preschool teacher Mrs. Ricken!
Family pic!
Kerigan made this sweet little sack for us with a gift inside for Christmas.
Speaking of, our family's Christmas gift came in the mail earlier this month!  Our magic bands for our Disney trip!  We are so excited to take the kids, and I can't wait for this little princesses dreams to come true!
I couldn't help but order this special dress for breakfast at Cinderella's castle.  It's something I've waited for my whole life!  She pretty much wanted to wear it to bed, and never take it off!

Ga Ga, Kerigan and I went for pedicures the week before!

Disney toes! 

I'll be posting our Christmas updates while we are gone so when we get back I can get right to our trip updates!

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