Sunday, December 7, 2014

tiny dancer

I had to do an update on my little dancer.  These pictures were from her very first day of dance back in the fall.  My friend Ashley (who watches her during the day) offered to take her to the earlier class with her daughter and I just have to pick her up after school, which I love!  So these sweet friends (Lily, Annika and Kerigan) go to dance together and they absolutely love it.
First day!
 Last week they had parent viewing night, where we got to come and watch a class!
We had so much fun watching our sweet girl!
Kisses from daddy!
 She was a little shy at first having us all watching her.  But she did her moves and did so good!
 It's no secret that I wished and prayed for a daughter, and that she is my dream come true.  This is one of those reasons.  I loved dance growing up and I danced from the time I was 3, until I graduated high school.  So having a daughter to put in dance is just such a blessing to me!
She did really good with all her moves!  I was so proud of her!

She had a Christmas dance recital so we put "curlies" in her hair (she calls them that and I love it!)

Santa came to the recital!

Ga Ga and Papa came to watch her!
Sweet friend Annika

Some of the girls in her class.  They looked so precious!

Most of my pictures are blurry :(  I mostly took video and forgot I can snap pictures on my phone as the video is going!
Ga Ga and Papa after the performance!
Family picture!
Afterwards we celebrated at our favorite pizza place in town!  And I was getting lots of snuggles from my kids!
Then this was the most precious thing.  They had bring-a-grown-up-to-dance day last week.  I planned to go and just have Andrew wait outside until his Taekwondo class (they are in the same building as her dance- convenient!).  Anyway, she wouldn't have him sit outside.  She insisted on Bubba coming in her class!  So he sat right down by her and joined in!
What a good big brother!  They both had so much fun.  Andrew asked if he could go to her class every time!  Ha!  I danced too and we all had so much fun.  I had to relive my dance days!  Ha!
Her dance teacher is Miss Kimi and she has this sweet ballerina tree right outside the studio.  Kerigan loves to look at all the ornaments.
And just because we needed one more activity to do, she decided she wanted to try tumbling too!  This was one of those things I always wished I had done, but never did!  So I'm living vicariously through her!  Ha!
Her shirt says "You sweat, I sparkle."  Quite appropriate I thought!  Ha!
It took her some practice, but she learned how to do somersaults like a champ!
And just because... I had to include Andrew doing one of his moves!  He is the best in his Taekwondo class.  Yes I might be biased, but I think most would agree!  He's got some awesome ninja kicks!  I am super proud of him too!

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