Wednesday, December 31, 2014

happy birthday jesus

There was so much excitement when the kids woke up to Santa's gifts the next morning!  They could hardly sit still for their annual picture with their stockings!
She had asked Santa for a doll, and she loved this ballerina Mooshka doll.
He had this game on his list and Andrew was trying to figure out how in the world Santa knew that!  He was saying he must have peeked at his list!  Ha!
He always tries a few boxes thinking it is the gift he's looking for (this year he wanted Skylander Trap Team the most).  Finally he gave up and went for the big one!
Santa always has tricks up his sleeve and wrapped it inside the bigger box, along with lots of Skylanders to go with it.
Something else Santa saw on his list!
She loved this nightgown.  Santa finally figured out, along with mommy, that she will only wear nightgowns.  No pj's with pants.  
A Frozen Christmas!
She had been asking for an Anna dress since her birthday!
I loved how Andrew lined all his gifts up like this.  Ha!
Kerigan is really into Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.  She loves the kittycat character so this was a big surprise because she hadn't seen these toys before.  She was so excited.
It took them a while to figure out what to do with the presents that had princess paper and Skylander paper!  Santa tricked them again and wrapped it in both papers because the gift was for both of them!  I didn't get one of the gift, they got those sumo bumpers that you blow up and bump into each other!  They are going to have some fun with those, I'm sure!
Belle got a few toys, too!  It was super fun having a kitty on Christmas morning.  She loved all the paper and ribbons!  We were cracking up at her.
Like always I made brunch- cheesy potatoes, egg casserole and this year my nephew's wife made the sticky rolls.  She has a business and does baking for people for things, so I ordered some rolls this year since I was busy getting ready for a big trip the next day.  I was so glad I did and they were delicious!
Playing their Disney headbandz game.  Andrew was trying to guess what his card was!  Ha!
Saying good bye to our kitty was hard.  We took her to be boarded at our vet's office on Christmas evening, since we were leaving early the next morning.  The nice thing is, our vet's daughter is in my class at school!  She promised to go over and play with her the whole time we're gone, so we know she was in good hands!

We are back from an amazing trip to Disneyworld!  I'll be working on posting updates hopefully soon after I start sorting through the 1000+ pictures I took!

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