Thursday, May 21, 2015

cath update

I realize I never really updated on here about Andrew's cath.  It is easier to just update on Facebook while we are in Iowa City.  But here's a recap!  At Andrew's cardiology appointment at the beginning of May it was decided that it was time for another cath.  We had escaped one for almost 2 years, so I had a feeling it would be time.
My little man and I took the afternoon off on the Friday before to head to Iowa City for pre-op appointments.  He was pretty nervous this time.  I hadn't really thought about it but he was only 6 the last time.  2 years makes a big difference and he was very aware and had lots of tough questions.
We lightened the mood by playing on the new playground at the hospital.  It's so nice!  Andrew just had a blast.
He liked all the animals to climb on (See?  He's still 6 at heart!  Ha!)
My sweet boy
Selfie on the swing!
The playground is nestled right in the center of the hospital.  The waiting room where Andrew had his cath overlooks this playground. 
He loved his book he got from a donation that was made to the hospital by another one of Andrew's heart buddies, Logan.
While we were there we had to check out the progress of the new children's hospital that is being built!
And who knew they had Herky statues all over Iowa City?  The kids are obsessed with the Cy statues in Ames, so they were so excited about these (even though we are most definitely NOT Herky fans!  Ha!)
The hospital had 2 that we found.
We headed back home for the weekend and Papa and Ga Ga came over and gave Andrew a tent.  He is excited about camping in the backyard with daddy this summer!
Sunday night we headed back to Iowa City with all of us and when we checked into our hotel, look what we saw in the lobby!  Another Herky!
We checked in and went straight to the pool!  Does this look like a kid who was about to have a heart cath the next day?  Ha!  He just had a blast going on the waterslide over and over again.  We love staying at this hotel!
After swimming we got ready to go out for dinner and do some shopping!
We ate at Mello Mushroom (see the other Herky statue on the right??) then we stopped at Target to get Andrew some things for being such a brave boy!
We do like to try to make it a fun evening!  Ha!
After that we celebrated Papa's birthday in the hotel- Ga Ga brought gourmet cupcakes!  Mmmm!
I know it's hard to go from the above pictures to ones like this, but this is our reality.  This was Andrew right before they sedated him on the table before the cath.  He was definitely scared but he put on his brave face!  I went in with him and he still wanted that reassurance.  He asked the doctors a lot of questions.  I was so proud of him as usual.
It was nice having Kerigan along because she helped keep us busy while Andrew was in the cath lab.  Andrew and I had found a bunch of dollhouses when we were there Friday and I made note to take Kerigan to see them and she loved them.
Then I took her out to the playground and she loved playing.  She missed her brother though!
Selfie in the same spot as my picture with Andrew on Friday!
We got the page that said Andrew was almost done so we headed back to cardiology and followed him up to recovery.
Kisses from daddy
By the time they moved him down to the regular floor, all he wanted was water.  They let him have a popsicle and this picture cracks me up how he was just kicking back and chilling with his popsicle!  Ha!
He definitely wasn't perky, but this pet balloon lifted his spirits a lot!  Thanks to our Help-A-Heart support group!
Andrew's sweet friend Jackson sent him a Transformer balloon and several others.  We have the best support system!
Andrew's sweet classmates had written him cards and I brought them along.  When he perked up a little, he enjoyed reading every one.  He missed his friends and his teacher so much!
They made his day!
Then I got a message from his friend Eli's mom and he wanted to face time.  She said he was worried about Andrew and needed to see him.  It was such a great idea and Andrew loved it.  But it made him emotional for his friends and school.  He cried when he hung up!  Sweet boy.
Then sister and daddy had to go home earlier so she could do her swimming lessons, daddy had to hire a new football coach and Kerigan had preschool the next day.  So they face timed at bedtime and you can see Andrew wiping his face with kleenex!  Ha!  He was so funny, he just kept crying!  We found out later that the anesthesia wearing off makes you emotional.  No kidding!  Ga Ga stayed with us and that made him feel better.
Then he got to order anything he wanted off the hospital menu, which cheered him up a bit!  He always gets chocolate chip pancakes!  Earlier in the day he had ordered spaghettios and enjoyed those for lunch.
The amazing Dr. D came in while Andrew was eating to tell us we could go back to the hotel!  Andrew was pretending to be sad!  Ha!  He couldn't wait to get outta there!  But he did get sad again when they told him no P.E. for a couple of days.  More tears, and he said "My favorite special?!?" Amongst tears.  Ha.
I think it was about 9:30 before we had the IV's out and he was all ready to go.  We had no problem heading back to our favorite hotel for a much better night's sleep than the hospital recliners!
When we got home the next day, our sweet friends brought us dinner!  We are so blessed!  I certainly did not feel like cooking!
These two just love each other so much!  Andrew always wants Piper to come over!
Snuggled in his first night back in his own bed.  He wanted to take his pet horse with him!  Ha!  It's good to be home!

Many have asked how he's doing.  He has recovered well from the cath.  The issue is still with his pulmonary arteries being so small.  They don't allow as much blood flow through and so it puts pressure on his right ventricle.  The pressure didn't really change much in the cath lab after the procedure, but Dr. D was hopeful that over time it would.  He said it rarely jumps way down immediately (although it has before, so I was a little discouraged).  He did place 2 new stents so hopefully over time this will help.  Only time will tell.

Until then... we just keep on keeping on!
He's not going to let anything get him down!

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