Thursday, May 7, 2015

sea life & legoland

This was taken at my favorite spot outside Crown Center.  After a fun time at lunch and the fairy tale land we headed across the street to Sea Life aquarium!
Seriously, Andrew's faces pretty much put me over the edge!
Posing by the lego ninja!
The kids all had a blast checking out all the sea life!

Some of these fish were huge!
He was impressed!
They were fascinated with everything, but especially this giant sting ray swimming over their heads!
Treasures from the aquarium!  
Next, we headed to our favorite shopping spot... Legends!
A favorite photo spot!
They were all so good while Angie and I shopped!
We had to hit the T-Rex cafe for dinner!  Andrew loved it as usual, neither of the girls would stand in this picture!  Ha!

We told them to act like dinosaurs!  Ha!
Next we discovered my new love... Charming Charlies.  Oh my word.  If you aren't familiar with it, it is like a giant jewelry store that never ends, with different sections of jewelry in every color under the rainbow.  They also have purses, scarves, clothes, shoes... I could have died.  It's every girls dream store!
The little girls had a blast in here too!  I think at one point they each had about 5 purses, 10 bracelets and other accessories on!  Ha!  After probably a couple more hours of shopping we headed back to Crown Center to check into our hotel, which was attached to Crown Center!  We decided to stay in a different hotel this time closer to CC, since that's where we had planned to spend most of our time.
There was a rooftop outdoor pool!  I posted this picture on Facebook and everyone kept commenting that it must have been freezing!  But it really wasn't!  It was a beautiful weekend in KC, and it was pretty warm out!  Plus the pool was heated to 84 degrees!
The kids had a blast swimming in the morning after breakfast!

Then we went inside to enjoy the hot tub for a while!
Standing by the huge windows in our hotel room at the Westin!  That is Sea Life and the plaza right outside our window!
There were neat waterfalls inside the hotel- it was so beautiful!

We loved that we didn't even have to walk outside to get to this place!  It was so nice that our hotel was attached to Crown Center.  Convenience with kids is a must!
We grabbed lunch at the Crayola Cafe before heading over to Legoland.
Ready to head out for day 2 in KC!
We were there on May 4, so they were having Star Wars things going on and saying "May the fourth be with you!"  Ha!
They had these characters which Payton and Kerigan thought were creepy, and Andrew had no clue who they were but he will stand by anything!  Ha!  We are not big Star Wars fans.
Wizard of Oz fans, yes!
Lately Kerigan has been obsessed with Dorothy so she was thrilled when she saw Dorothy and Toto made completely of legos!  She's already decided she wants to be Dorothy for Halloween this year.
This is Andrew's favorite place at Legoland.  He adores making cars and racing them.  He has no interest in Legos at home, but whenever we are at places like this, he could sit all day and play with them.  I just don't get it!
His creation
Kerigan liked the Lego friends displays and play areas

Racing lego cars on a speedway of legos!
We had to ride the wizard ride once before heading home. Kerigan and I were in the car ahead of him.  Can't believe my big boy can ride things all by himself now!

We had such a fun trip and loved being with our friends and just getting away for a weekend.  I love that these fun places are just a short road trip away!

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