Saturday, January 2, 2016

pancakes, pajamas & a new year

Our friends invited us over one snowy morning over break for pancakes and pajamas!
Chad made chocolate chip pancakes and we all wore our pajamas and the kids exchanged Christmas presents.  It was such a fun morning that turned into the afternoon and lots of playing in the snow!
We love pancakes!  And winter break!
But most of all, our sweet friends!
Daddy and Andrew used silly mustache mugs!  Ha!

The two boys.  I cannot handle the cuteness.  Andrew finally has his "boy" to play with.  Now he just can't wait for Parker to "grow up and be eight!"  Ha!
Getting ready to open gifts!
We are so blessed to have such awesome friends!
Then we went back to their house again a few nights later for New Years Eve!
We had more friends join us and we had a blast, eating delicious chicken that Chad smoked, and playing games and eating lots of treats!
Andrew was so funny and got really into the games we were playing!
I didn't think he would catch on but he even played catch phrase with us!  We were all cracking up- it was so fun!
Every time I turned around he was digging into the sweets!
NYE selfie with my girl
Some of my sweet friends!  Loved celebrating with them!
Cheers to 2016!

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