Monday, January 4, 2016

more winter break fun

We had a nice, relaxing winter break this year.  Last year we were at Disneyworld for the entire break, which was really awesome, but I felt like we never really got time to just be home and relax (because let's face it, we all know Disney is not relaxing!  Ha!)
We kind of made it our mission not to leave the house.  Or at least not go far!  Daddy and Kerigan played Barbies!  Ha!
While I took my little man to the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie.
We did a lot of this.
And one night I found Andrew like this at bedtime.  Ha!  He likes to stay up late when he doesn't have school the next day.
The kids had a blast playing with their new toys from Christmas!
Making forts!
Playing marbles
And ping pong!
Santa brought a new table top to go on top of our pool table.  The kids have been loving it!
Andrew was learning about solids and liquids in science at school and one day he came home all excited and wanted to freeze stuff!  So now my freezer looks like this.  (And side note- this is our basement freezer, which is why there's nothing else in it!  In case you were wondering.  Ha!)
Daddy took the kids sledding with Chad and the girls one afternoon so I stayed home and got cozy on the couch watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix!
Pure bliss!
Apparently, Belle wanted to go sledding with the kids!
The kids had a sleepover at Ga Ga and Papa's so Daddy and I could go to dinner and a movie.  They love making popcorn with Papa!
There was a lot of this too.  Her absolute favorite thing is cuddling on the couch with her daddy.  I think it is pretty much daddy's favorite thing too.  They do this every night before bed, and every morning (since they both wake up at the crack of dawn!) #bestwaytostarttheirdays
And this is how we all felt when break ended.  Ha!  (She was really mad at me because she's starting to get an attitude about what she wears and how she wants her hair.  She was not loving this look.)
We went to our friend Piper's birthday party!
Sweet little Minnie turned 2!  I remember when she was born (the year we moved here).  I've loved getting to know and become friends with this sweet family.  It feels like we've known each other forever.  Don't you love friends like that?
Kerigan loved helping Piper by giving her the presents to open.
Then another weekend a friend and I took our kids and some friends to a movie and we had a boy/girl sleepover!  They had a blast!
I took the girls for a sleepover at our house.  This was so funny- but when Lily and Annika opened their overnight bags and both had the same pajamas packed (not planned!) we had to get out Kerigan's pants too!  Ha!  They thought this was so funny.  I knew I was friends with their mommies for a reason!  #greatmindsthinkalike 
Three sweet friends- Kerigan said it was the "best night ever!"
I'm pretty sure she couldn't have been any happier right at this moment.
They were so sweet in the morning when they woke up, they just started playing dress up and I didn't hear a peep from them!
I think they changed outfits 324 times.  They moved onto tumbling!
And stopped for a little breakfast.  These girls were so sweet and I loved having them over!
Meanwhile, their brothers had a sleepover of their own!
Amanda was texting me saying they were having a blast.
She sent me this picture at bedtime and I texted back that I bet Andrew was loving that because he loves forts these days.  And she wrote back and said yes, that he started it!  Ha!
Then Amanda texted me at 5am saying that Andrew threw up.  UGH!  Many of you who know me know I have a major anxiety about that particular kind of sickness.  I don't deal with it well.  Anyway, the weird thing was, right before we went our separate ways that night I double checked with Amanda that we would text each other in the middle of the night if there was a problem, like one of them throwing up!  Ha!  Of course, it had to be my kid.  Thankfully, it didn't make the rounds to anyone else and he felt better the next day!
Sickness did go around Ashley's through a couple of kids so she had to cancel on a day they were supposed to have a spa day.  Kerigan had been so excited and was totally bummed when I told her she couldn't go.  But she was very happy when daddy stayed home with her and they had their own spa day!  What a good daddy!

So that's our January so far!  Up next- my little man's birthday!

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