Tuesday, March 6, 2018

tumbling mini-vacation

The beginning of March kicked off with another tumbling meet- this one in Peoria, IL.
This girl got a first place win and her daddy was pretty proud!
That's a first place smile right there!
We got a hotel room for the weekend and kept Kerigan's sweet friend Rylee with us!  These two had so much fun swimming after the meet!

So did our little shark
This girl loves being thrown in the air by her daddy!
Jumping in!
Then we cleaned up and went out to dinner!
Then the kids begged us to go to Chuckie Cheese... ugh

This girl loves skee ball
The boys played basketball
Everyone got lots of tickets!
This guy got lots of tootsie rolls with his tickets!
We went back to the hotel and played some games in the lobby!
They were so excited about their matching jammies.  We had to take Rylee to Target to get her a swimsuit and pj's since she hadn't planned to stay overnight, then Kerigan wanted to get one to match!
Then of course they had to do some tumbling in the hotel room!
The next morning we enjoyed breakfast at the hotel and headed home.
And a quick stop for lunch on the way!  We had so much fun!
The next week at school was the week before spring break.  It is always a fun week!  I got to sub in the morning so I snuck in to see my girl working hard in first grade!
I was subbing in the library and Andrew's class came in!  I was so happy... but this is how he felt- Ha!
I loved watching him play kickball at recess- this is one of his favorite recess activities.
Kerigan had a special assignment in her reading group to read a book from several different genres.  So she picked Eleanor Roosevelt and I told her her Grandpa Bill would have been so proud.  He was a big Roosevelt family fan.
We had beach day at school.  Andrew didn't want to dress up because he said he'd look "dorky!"  Ha!
I got to have lunch with these silly girls on Friday and everyone was happy about spring break starting!

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