Friday, March 23, 2018

spring break "stay-" cation!

Daddy celebrated his birthday to kick off spring break!  Everyone was excited!  We love birthdays around here.
We love this guy big!
We decided to stay home over break this year and it was wonderful!  We planned a lot of fun activities and called it a "stay-cation!"
Our sweet friends from our old town came to go ice skating and stay in a hotel with us!
They had skated only a few minutes before a break to clean the ice was necessary.  Ha!
We ran into Kerigan's friend Leila.  Her mom teaches across the hall from me and these two love playing together after school!
This guy loves the spaghetti in the mall.  When the other kids were skating, he came over and said he wanted some.  He had already had lunch but when this kid says he'll eat, I oblige!  Ha!
Then of course we had ice cream!
Next we checked into our hotel!  We had never stayed in a hotel in the same town that we live in, and it was so fun!
This hotel is where we used to stay all the time when Andrew had to go to the hospital.  It has a 100ft waterslide and the kids just love it.

I lost count how many times they did the slide! 
Over and over and over.
Kerigan and Annika have been friends since they were 2
Andrew and her brother, Gavin, got to be friends through their sisters!
I just love these sweet girls
We just had the best day ever!
That evening the kids took a break and Craig came over to have pizza with them so Amanda and I could go shopping!  Ha!
We brought them all shakes from Steak and Shake!
We love a good treat before bedtime!  And being at the hotel was just extra fun!
Daddy hung out for a while and we all played spoons in the lobby before bed!
So much fun!
The next afternoon after our friends left, we had dinner at the mall food court because hey- it pleases everyone! (More spaghetti for Andrew, chick fil a for Kerigan and Panera for daddy and me!)  We stopped at Target to pick up Ferdinand for a family movie night!
And of course, a little shopping at Claires!
We spent a little time at home too... and stayed in our pj's all day.  The best!
Someone came to the salon with mom and this time had her own hair cut!  This felt so good she almost fell asleep!
A couple days later, we were ready for some more family fun so we went out to dinner at one of our favorite places!
Then we went go-cart racing!
Andrew was big enough to ride by himself, with the seat pushed reallllly far forward!
Do they look scared?  Ha!
They had an absolute blast!
Andrew's face!  Ha!  I'm pretty sure he was trying hard to beat Daddy and Kerigan!
Then it was my turn!
After Go-Karting it was a beautiful evening so we found a new park to play at!
They were so excited about a new park!  And it was the first time we've played this spring since we'd had a lot of snow!

Andrew loves Spanish so he was excited to find these words!
Just hanging around!
It was a perfect family day!
Kerigan did have a bummer dentist appointment to get some cavities filled.  I reminded her this is because she's obsessed with Fanta.  Ha!
We just love our dentist.  Her name is Dr. Ursula!  Isn't that cute?  She is young, and so sweet and does the best job with kids.  
They had this in the hall when she was done and she wanted to see how tall she was!
We had St. Patrick's Day over break and I made a huge mistake one year where we had this really fun scavenger hunt left by the leprechaun.  I had become obsessed with Pinterest and was not working that year, so with lots of time on my hands I went a little overboard.  So now they think they get gifts, and wonder why the leprechaun never does anything fun anymore. #momfail
Ga Ga came over at the end of the week to spend a few days with us and they worked on Kerigan's spring fairy garden!  They redo it for each season and it was time to get rid of winter!
It turned out so pretty this year!  I just love that this is something special between them and Kerigan will always have these memories of her Ga Ga.
So pretty with lights at night!
Ga Ga gave Daddy and I the night off and we went to the hometown screening of the new movie "The Miracle Season."
This is an incredible story about a volleyball player from our town whose life ended tragically but left behind an amazing legacy and was an inspiration to all who knew her.
If you haven't heard the story- look it up!  You will be touched and inspired.
That night we took Ga Ga and Papa to a new ice cream place in town- Rollipop!
Rolled ice cream- who knew?!
It was super fun and yummy!
And the perfect way to end our spring break stay-cation!

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