Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bones, Bones, Bones!

This picture honestly speaks for itself.  It almost needs no explanation.  The look on his face just says it all (and no, he wasn't filling his pants!)

Yet, I feel the need to explain.

Andrew began this spooky season terrified of skeletons.  Now he is obsessed with them.  Funny how that works, isn't it?

It all began with a trip to Wal Mart about a month ago where I decided to purchase this video:

I thought, how could a harmless Sesame Street video be that scary??  Andrew gazed at it the whole way through the store, and was so excited to pay the cashier (he likes to help me do this) and watch it in the car.  I popped it into the DVD player and we headed home...

Next thing I know, Andrew is crying in the back seat.

What in the world??  I am thinking, what is this video about anyway?  I quickly took it out and figured I'd check it out when I got home.  Irritated that I just spent $7 bucks on it and had already opened it.

Well, the next day Andrew asked for "Elmo Count?" (I realized the pair is on the cover of this DVD).  I thought, well okay,  I can watch it with him now and see what all the fuss was about.  It begins with Elmo visiting Count's spooky castle.  One of the very first songs is a song entitled "Bones, Bones, Bones" and Count sings, and it shows a skeleton who shakes and moves around and laughs a scary laugh.  I thought it could be a little scary to a little kid...I could see that.

Well, Andrew warmed up to the idea.  I just called it a "silly skeleton" and he stood there, eyes glued to the TV.  I figure, well, he's either going to have nightmares or he's not.  It was too late to take it back now.

Let's just say... a glow in the dark skeleton decoration, a pair of skeleton pajamas and two toy skeletons later...
It was the best $7 bucks I ever spent!


Stefenie said...

Cute pics Jen! Funny how little things scare them off but then once they warm up to the idea they go overboard!

Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan


Jessica said...

Love the look on Andrew's face in those pics!!! Oh my Goodness to cute! I am glad he is no longer scared of the skeletons. And I just love his PJ's!!! My son Jonathin had a pair of those and I loved them! I love watching Andrew's videos where he runs in the circle like that! Thank you for sharing your warrior with me!
Love and Heart Hugs, Jessica

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