Thursday, October 29, 2009


EEEWW!  Pumpkin guts!

We have had a "spook-tacular" week around here!  Several activities leading up to the big trick or treat night tomorrow night/Saturday night.  We carved pumpkins with Andrew's cousins .  The kids thought it was pretty neat!  We had newspapers spread out all over the kitchen floor- it was quite a project!

Andrew was pretty interested... for the first ten minutes or so!

He helped scoop out some guts, but then he wanted to play with his cousins...forget the pumpkins!

So the adults ended up doing most of the carving. We actually had a great time doing it!  Relived some childhood memories...

Craig was getting me back for always sticking him with the intricate design.  It was my turn!  I carved a bat coming out of a pumpkin.  It was fairly high maintenance, but not as much as some of the other designs, like spider's webs! Ha!  It is so neat now that you can buy the books and all the tools to make really cool designs.  Much different than when I was a kid!

Andrew checking out all the pumpkins (ours is on the far left).

Last night was "Trick or Read" at our local library.  The kids wear their costumes and visit the library for stories, treats, crafts and a video.  It was so fun.  I decided to let you have a sneak peek at Andrew's Halloween costume.  I'm sure you won't be surprised by his choice!

He's the cutest little furry red monster around!

Making a Halloween picture frame

Here he is enjoying some popcorn and the video "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown."

I didn't think he'd like either one (the popcorn or the movie) but he loved it all!  He sat there so cute and watched with all the other kids, stuffing his face with popcorn!  I hadn't let him eat popcorn before, I was always afraid of him choking.  But kids younger than him were eating it, so I decided to let go a little!

We are looking forward to trick or treating with Andrew's cousins, Evie and Jayden tomorrow night!  We are hoping this rain goes away...even though it makes for a spooktacular night!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!


Gloria said...

Have great fun and make memories great memories.

The Carter's said...

How fun! That's the cutest little Elmo I've ever seen!! :)


Jessica said...

He is a cute Elmo!!!! I am so glad he liked the popcorn!! So it is raining there too huh??? Love your pumpkin! Have fun tonight trick or treating!!!
Blessings, Jessica

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