Sunday, October 25, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Those of you who follow Mckmama's blog know about her "Not Me Monday" posts.  Well, I pulled a "not me" moment and reluctantly decided to blog about it, in the hopes that no one judges me!  I know all of you heart mommies out there are going to think I am nuts, but bear with me.  And just so you know...I am only blogging about this because it was too cute NOT to record in our Huegel family history books!  Otherwise I would never want to admit I did this.

Ok.  Deep breath.  I most certainly did not have Andrew come into my school full of germs and show him off to my class a few weeks ago.  Not me!  Not during this recent H1N1 outbreak!  Nope!  I would never do something like that.  I would be crazy.

Ok, so a few weeks ago Craig had Friday off, so he brought Andrew to my school to have lunch with me... GASP!  I know what you are thinking.  If it makes any difference, I did have the kids all scrub their hands and clorox wipe their desks and every surface of the room before Andrew came.  I all but doused them in Lysol.  Trust me, I know it was taking a chance.  But I guess deep down, I knew it would be okay.  It was a little before all the sickness really started going around, and all my kids were healthy and had been healthy at the time.  Plus, they love hearing stories about Andrew and I really wanted to bring him in for them to meet him.

I mean, look at that smile!  He had a ball!  He loved all the kids and they had so much fun with him.  He was so cute, he rolled my chair right up to the desks right away and crawled up there to sit just like the "big kids."   He was so proud of himself.  They gave him a pencil and paper and he got right to work.  The 4th graders all got a big kick out of him.

We are learning about the Human Body in Science, so I had this poster of a skeleton hanging in the room.  Andrew was a little freaked out at first, but his latest obsession lately is bones and skeletons (more in another post coming soon!) so he got used to this poster quite quickly.

The kids wanted to have a dance party, so Andrew joined right in!  This is worth the watch-my little man, hamming it up!  And by the way, I definitely did not let Andrew dance around holding a sharp pencil in his hand.  Not me!  (Email readers will need to go to the actual blog, or click the link to go to the site to view):
Andrew loves school.  He loves visiting Daddy, Mommy and Ga Ga's schools.  He has grown up around that environment, as did I.  I spent countless hours playing at my dad's school where he was principal as I was growing up.  I figure, I am not going to shelter him from living life.  These are the moments I cherish and remember as I spend so much time in that classroom missing my son.  And I know he remembers too.  He loves mama's school.  And now he can visualize where I am during the day.  I don't regret taking him.  (And I can say that now, because it was several weeks ago and he did NOT get H1N1!)  Did you notice I waited to post this, just to make sure??  I won't mention that 2 of my 4th graders came down with it just a few days after Andrew's visit.  Yeah, I freaked out a little bit.  Yes, I called Dr. Mooradian immediately.  He told me not to worry.  So I didn't.  I went on, living life and enjoying precious moments with my son.

Oh, and I only posted this picture so you could see my stunning bulletin board in the background so you know I do actually spend some time being creative and not just thinking of Andrew all day!  Ha!

When we left Andrew kept saying "Bye bye, class!" It was so adorable (if you watched the video you heard him say it...if you didn't you really should go back and watch it. Because you would never want to admit you skipped that part of my post. Not you!) Ha!

And if nothing else, the trip was worth it getting this picture:


And my big boy walking down his first elementary school hallway.
"Bye Bye, Class!"

Oh, and the best news??  Andrew got his H1N1 injection today!  Yippee! (I won't mention we waited in line for 3 hours with a 2 1/2 year old...yeah, don't think you need details as to how that went down!) Ha!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the video with Andrew dancing. He is too funny and cute! I'm glad you are living life and making all these wonderful memories for Andrew.

Erin, Jeff and Carter Lamka

The Carter's said...

That is TOO precious! I will tell you that if I was still in the classroom I would, gasp, never....yeah right...totally do the same thing! I wouldn't be able to stand it. I'm sure your kids were just as excited about meeting Andrew as you were about showing him off. If that's what you have to do every now and then to make it through the days, then so what?! Just say some extra prayers and do what you have to do!

The video is priceless! Andrew obviously had a fabulous time, and I'm so glad he's been well! Such a cutie!!d

Big Heart Hugs,

Heather said...

Your little boy is just adorable!

Party of Five said...

Cute video. He would have so much fun with Cash. Hopefully they will get the chance to hang out at the Nosbisch Christmas! Thanks for sharing.

Kim said...

Hi there! I found you from Mckmama's site. Your little boy is too cute! I used to be a 3rd grade teacher and seeing the pictures of your classroom brought back good memories!

susie said...

Cute! McMama is a friend of mine from MOPS. I saw you follow her blog. :) Susie

Olivia said...

You did NOT take your son to school?! Ok...ok...I probably would have done the same thing (then worried about it for several days afterwords)! I'm so glad you are creating all these wonderful memories and enjoying life. It looks like Andrew had a blast! What a dancin machine!

I hadn't read your pumpkin update. That looks like a blast!!!! Also, love what you did with the saturation and blurring in a couple of the pics. Did you pick up Adobe Photoshop Elements?

Jessica said...

Love the bye bye class part of the video!!! Andrew just steals everyones hearts! The H1N1 flu is scary and I just found out my daughter Jessa has it and the other two are very exposed to it! I am glad he did not get it. I think of you often and wish it was summer so we could talk more, but I do love your board too! That hat is awfully adorable! Anyhow I hope that this finds you with a smile on your face! Heart Hugs, Jessica

Charlyn said...

Great video! My kids actually came to visit kindergarten yesterday to help carve pumpkins and control the crowds. These are some of my favorite days of school. I love coming home and talking about what my children noticed in my classroom. I know that I will seem a little lack luster today after the celebrity visits yesterday. Fortunately, I will be bringing in my oldest son who is a solider later this week, good thing we have a few days off, I can't imagine trying to compete with that visit:)

Stefenie said...

I am glad that you were finally brave enough to post about Andrew's visit to school!

I cracked up watching the video. Toward the end it looks like Andrew is someone's pet that they brought in and the kids are swarming around him just so they can get close to him. LOL!!!

3 hours for the shot?? WOW!!! I wondered how that went! Glad he was able to get it thgouth...well worth the wait!

Stefenie, Ryan, Wyatt and LOgan Jacks

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